Pontiac Picassos: The Suwanee Classic Car Show’s Metallic Art

Pontiac Picassos: The Suwanee Classic Car Show’s Metallic Art

Pontiac Picassos: The Suwanee Classic Car Show’s Metallic Art

By Mark Spain

Alas, every husband suffers the same tragedy: you need an afternoon of man-time (say a Chuck Norris movie marathon), but your wife wants to go see that Chagall exhibit. Apart from not knowing who that artist is (although his name does rhyme with Steven Seagal…could be interesting), you don’t know how to tell your wife you need your man-time without offending her. Don’t worry: you don’t have to. The Suwanee Classic Car Show can help.

Taking place Sunday November 8th from 10:00am to 5:00pm in downtown Suwanee, this event first appeared three years ago, and continues to grow in popularity. Last year, over two thousand people scratched their classic car itches, viewing vast collections of both vintage cars and muscle cars: Mustangs, Dodge Plymouths, Chevelles, Camaros. This is more testosterone than any single area should have.

Uwanee Classic Car Show

Even the car of the great one, Dale Earnhart, will be there. Number eighty-eight will be ready for you to genuflect in its presence. You can run your hand over its smooth finish, appreciate the sleekness of its design, marvel at the power of its engine. This machine, and others like it, are…dare I say…art. If your spouse or kids don’t agree, take them over to the “paint-a-wreck.”There, attendees can paint the wrecked car any way they want, adding their artistic contribution to this outdoor exhibit.

Your contribution won’t just be a few brush strokes; while admission is free, your presence will convince more classic car enthusiasts to enter the festival’s competition. Those entrance fees fund not only scholarships for the arts, but an upcoming Suwanee Academy of the Arts. Who knows: after contributing your artistic vision to the “paint-a-wreck” you might want to take an art class at the future academy, and show off your skill at next year’s show.

Photo Credit: North Gwinnett Arts Association


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