Humans of Mark Spain: Kristina Knox and Mary Warren

Humans of Mark Spain: Kristina Knox and Mary Warren

Humans of Mark Spain: Kristina Knox and Mary Warren

By Mark Spain

Mark Spain Real Estate is ecstatic to spotlight Kristina Knox and Mary Warren. From cheering at Georgia State University to slalom skiing in Lake George, New York, these two women have a major drive for adventure and we had to learn more about their stories:

How did you both end up at Mark Spain Real Estate?

Kristina: I actually just moved to Atlanta in 2015 from New York and started my career here with a corporate job, which I liked but didn’t love. My friends knew how I was feeling and actually came across a hiring ad for Mark Spain Real Estate on LinkedIn. I was looking for more reliability in my job and also for a company with more of a fun culture. The name sounded familiar and I knew I had seen Barbara Corcoran endorsing them on commercials so I did some digging and fell in love. I have always had a passion for real estate and was ready to emerge myself into a company that fit both my needs and wants in a long term career path. I knew I wanted to apply so I went directly to, gave them my information, interviewed, and here I am!

Mary: It all began at my old job where the customer service was not as good as I wanted it to be. I was always busy or traveling and not getting to spend the amount of time that I wanted to with my kids. One day my husband and I were riding his motorcycle when I looked up and saw Mark Spain’s billboard. I knew a little bit about his company and how service-minded they were because my husband worked in the building industry. I told my husband then and there that I knew I wanted to work for Mark Spain. So, I applied, interviewed, and landed the job!

What is the single most important thing to you in a job?

Kristina: Company culture is definitely what is most important to me. I believe that positivity should start in-house and all the important aspects of customer service and business will work itself out from there. If you surround yourself with positivity, your work experience will get exponentially better. At Mark Spain, doors are always open and everyone is willing to answer your question or help at the drop of a hat. It’s all about new ideas, innovation, and execution. We have amazing culture nights and constantly hang out inside and outside the office. It’s amazing to be apart of an organization where everyone really wants to be so involved and is excited to be together.

Mary: Customer service without a doubt! I love to find that connection with clients and help them get what they need with ease. I also enjoy having the opportunity to help clients who are upset and getting the chance to turn it around. Being able to turn a negative situation around makes it all worth it. What’s great about customer service too is no matter what job you do, the client experience is vital. Working with Mark Spain Real Estate has really solidified my passion for people and also showed me that it comes naturally. Customer service is what I’m best at and I absolutely love getting the chance to be happy, helpful, and positive with people all day.

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What is the most important thing to you outside office?

Kristina: My friends and family for sure. I constantly want to explore Atlanta and find fun new activities. I love to work on my health and fitness and go for walks but I also love to go to places like Main Event and play laser tag.

Mary: My family is the most important thing to me in the world. I have two boys – Cole who is 9 and Ty who is 8. I love staying active with my family, whether it’s taking our boys to the park, running while they ride their bikes next to us, or teaching them how to play football and baseball.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why?

Kristina: My father is the person who comes to mind when I think of who has had the most influence on my life. My dad is a selfless business owner and entrepreneur. Originally, he wanted to be a lawyer but decided to instead further his dad’s business Knox Insurance Agency to keep the family business running strong. He set aside his wants and needs for the family. Ever since I was little, I always remember him having a strong work ethic with no days off. He’s embedded into me and my siblings the value of a dollar and that you must work hard to get what you want. No matter how busy he was, though, he always made sure to be there for our family. He was my coach for softball and my brother’s coach for baseball and basketball. Even to this day, my dad still does not miss one game and is always there cheering us on no matter what.

Mary: I have two: first, definitely my dad. Customer service is my main driving force and I try to keep it at the core of all I do. My dad was the one who got me into motivational books and led me down my path of positive mindset and improving. He instilled in me loyalty, honesty, and kindness. I also worked with an amazing woman named Kathy Teeples who led with strength and knowledge and invested so much in her people. She was an account executive, my mentor, and instilled in me the importance of confidence for women. Kathy’s strength and my dad’s drive and values really shaped me into who I am today.

Where did you grow up?

Kristina: I grew up in Lake George, New York and just moved to Georgia in 2015. I miss the lake, of course, but absolutely love Georgia!

Mary: I actually was born in Nevada, Iowa. I’ve lived in Georgia, though, ever since I was 8 years old.

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Who is your favorite Atlanta sports team?

Kristina: I love basketball so the Atlanta Hawks are my favorite Atlanta sports team. Basketball is so fast-paced and fun! I love going to Hawks games with my friends. Of course, the Celtics will always be #1 in my heart but the Atlanta Hawks are definitely up there too!

MaryI am a HUGE baseball lover so the Atlanta Braves all the way. I watched baseball growing up with my dad and then got to watch them win the world series. It was amazing and I even went to the parade after they won. I cannot wait to take my boys to the new stadium this season!

What is something we don’t know about you?

Kristina: I lived on the lake in New York and lake activities were an everyday occurrence in the summer whether it was water skiing, slalom skiing, tubing, or jet skiing. I also loved hiking in the Adirondack Mountains.

Mary: I have had a love for fitness for almost my entire life. At 8, I started cheering and continued through college where I cheered for Georgia State’s basketball team. I also got the chance to participate in the Junior Olympics in 1996 and went on to getting 2nd place in bodybuilding!

What are you most excited about for this year?

Kristina: I am pumped to work more closely with the entire team. I am pumped to continue meeting more and more people on this awesome team and serving the amazing clients we get to work with!

Mary: I am so excited to have the opportunity to further build relationships with my clients. I loved being able to find commonalities with them as a Lead Coordinator, and I cannot wait to get the chance to dive deeper into those relationships this year.

We are thrilled to have Mary and Kristina with us and cannot wait to see what awesome ideas they bring to the team this year!


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