Humans of MSRE: Morgan Reynolds

Humans of MSRE: Morgan Reynolds

Humans of MSRE: Morgan Reynolds

By Mark Spain

In May of 2017, Morgan Reynolds began her career with Mark Spain Real Estate as an Exclusive Listing Consultant with our Athens team. Morgan grew up in Athens, Georgia and attended Athens Christian School before becoming a Gymdog at UGA in 2013. Morgan first began gymnastics at just 3 years old with Georgia Elite Gymnastics. At 8 years old, she began competing and never looked back. Morgan grew up always looking up to the Gymdogs, going to the meets and dreaming of one day being on the team herself.

In summer of 2011, Morgan was offered a scholarship to the University of Georgia to join the Gymdogs. Throughout her gymnastics career, Morgan loved the team aspect and how she knew she could always be as good as she put her mind to. Upon graduating, Morgan knew she wanted to find a career that kept those same traits – a team and a position where she could reap the benefits of hard work. Morgan is now finishing up her Emerging Media Masters as a double dawg and performing as one of our top agents in Athens. Humans of MSRE is ecstatic to spotlight Morgan Reynolds!

How is balancing earning a master’s at UGA and working?

Luckily, grad school is different because it is more project based. I’m not studying for tests and submitting assignments every night. I feel that doing sports and being in school prior to graduating prepared me for this. Real estate now has just replaced spots for me.

I definitely miss being in the gym every day. It was such a big part of my life the last 18 years, putting in 5 hours a day. I grew up having so much energy and always flipping around the couch at home. Gymnastics was a great outlet for me. Nowadays, I get up at 4:30 am and work out; it keeps me sane and real estate has been a great new outlet for me.

When did you know you wanted to be a Gymdog?

My coach at Georgia Elite Gymnastics was actually a Gymdog and her husband played baseball at UGA. I’ve always looked up to the Gymdogs because I grew up going to the meets. They would pop in the gym and be like celebrities. I wanted to go to college on a gymnastics scholarship and once I knew that was achievable, I worked as hard as possible to earn it. I love going back and visiting Georgia Elite now, hopefully inspiring the girls there now showing them how hard work can get them there, because I was in the same place as them!

What do you love most about gymnastics?

There are so many things. I love that there is always something new to learn. You’re always striving for perfection so it never gets boring. You learn goal setting and how to work hard. It is a lot like real estate in that as much as you put into it, you get out of it.

What is your favorite memory as a Gymdog?

My freshmen year we got to go to the NCAAs and that first night was the most exciting night ever. We took a bus into Atlanta 3 days early and weren’t expected to make it to the Super 6 but we did! All the lights, people, energy, excitement – it was so amazing performing in front of that many people and having our own section of Georgia fans, many of them supporting parents!

How was life as a Gymdog?

My freshmen year was an adjustment for sure with a crazy busy schedule. I woke up, had a tutor at 7:30 am, went to classes until 12, went to lunch, the gym until 5, then treatment and rehab, dinner next and then tutor again to do it all again the next day. UGA was great in having us do early enrollment to make sure we were able to fit everything in with our class schedule.

The biggest wakeup call was the level of accountability. When your coach knows your grades before you get them back, it is intimidating. You could also never be late to classes. One of my teammates was late to two classes one time, and our coach had us wake up at 5 am that next morning and clean the entire gym. At least it left our gym spotless!

What is your favorite memory at UGA?

On Saturdays if there was a football game at home, our practice got moved to Sunday. We usually had recruits, and it was so cool to show them a Saturday in Athens because there’s really nothing like it. Sometimes the recruits are as young as middle schoolers. They are so young so of course they don’t know how to pick a college yet so you are there to hopefully relate to them and help them dream about someday becoming a Gymdog.

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

I’ve always loved houses and home decor. I started thinking about a career in real estate my senior year, and I loved the parallels to gymnastics in that you get what you put in. I grew up in the Athens area and am very embedded here so I felt that real estate would be a great way to stay connected and give back to my community.

I heard the Mark Spain Real Estate commercials on the radio and saw they were going to the UGA Career Fair. I rushed over from practice, sweating and got there at the end of the career fair. Most companies were already gone but I sent my resume to MSRE, got an interview and here we are now!

What is your favorite part about the clients you work with?

I feel like you can always find some sort of connection with the people in Athens. Being near UGA creates a bond and everyone feels it. It is great being a part of a small town and giving back to the community.

What have you learned most from working at MSRE?

I’m not very detail oriented, so I love having so much support and still being a part of a team. Brittany Matarazzo is so helpful; I can do what I’m good at which is listing houses and we have support. Originally, I was surprised with how many interviews there were in becoming a part of this team. However, now it makes me feel amazing to be apart of this culture and great to know how people here are so vetted.

I also so much admire my director, Heather’s leadership. We are very alike and she’s always pushing me to be better and being a great role model.

We are so lucky to have you on the team, Morgan! Go dawgs!


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