Top 5 Apps to Help Your Family Stay Organized

Top 5 Apps to Help Your Family Stay Organized

Top 5 Apps to Help Your Family Stay Organized

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Staying organized while raising kids can be hard. From keeping track of memory boxes to planning meals and keeping things on schedule, there’s a lot to remember! Whether you stay at home or head to the office, free time should be enjoyed your way – not with a pile of to-dos on your plate. With the advent of smartphones and applications, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to harness powerful technology to make your life easier! Here are top 5 apps to help your family stay organized.


Every parent knows that kids grow up way too fast. While you may have a good memory and try to hold on to moments as long as you can, it’s impossible to remember every little detail. Keepy is a wonderful app that can store, organize and treasure memories from raising kids. Whether it’s art, photographs, video, school work or awards, Keepy will help you manage and cherish memories of your children through momentos that you upload to the app.



Yowza!! is a convenient and easy couponing app that not only allows you to access thousands of great deals from your mobile phone, but also allows you to save useful coupons for you down the road. The best thing about Yowza!! is how simple it is to use. When you’re checking out, simply find the coupons you want to use and the cashier can scan them right from your phone. On top of that, your saved coupons will be separate from the ones you are trying to use, so you won’t have to sift through hundreds of coupons to find what you need.

Kids Meals Deals

Dinner out with the family can be expensive, but sometimes another night of mac n cheese or another round of peanut butter and jelly just isn’t in the cards. With the Kids Meals Deals app, you can find the best deals for kids food at restaurants around you. This app also includes restaurants where kids eat free, which makes dinner out as a family a lot more palatable. Whether it’s a late night of soccer practice or you just don’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen, use Kids Meals Deals for an easy, inexpensive way to find a great bite.


Remember the Milk

If you’re the kind of person that appreciates a good list, Remember the Milk is the family organizer app you need. This app is good for whatever kind of list you need to tackle your day. Do you need a grocery list? Done. A to-do list? Easy. Do you need to schedule a to-do list for future busy days? Go ahead and schedule it. Remember the Milk will soon be your go-to list-making assistant!


More than anything, planning dinners can be absolutely exhausting. There are so many things to consider: what the kids will or won’t eat, what the kids should eat, whether we should have hotdogs again or even whether we want to try something new. Yummly is an excellent tool to help you find personalized, easy recipes that will add some flavor and fun to your weekly menus.

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