How to Find a Real Estate Agent Who Fits Your Style

How to Find a Real Estate Agent Who Fits Your Style

How to Find a Real Estate Agent Who Fits Your Style

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Finding friends who fit your personality is difficult. Finding a career that you love can be tricky. Finding a real estate agent who fits your style is even harder!

If you’re purchasing a home for the first time (or even the 5th), you should know how much time you’re going to spend communicating with your real estate agent — a lot! They are going to help you make one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchases of your life. You need to be sure that your Realtor’s style meshes well with yours.

We’ve collected 5 top tips to help you secure a real estate agent who is built for your style:

Know What Style Home You Want

Real estate agents are people too. They have different styles and preferences themselves. Realtors can vary based on the area they are located, their age group, personality types, etc. Find a real estate agent whose style fits yours! Do you love Victorian homes but have an agent that is pushing you toward a modern feel? Be open and honest with them about your wants and needs! Knowing which style home you like is very helpful in the search process. If your real estate agent won’t budge, it may be time to find a agent that better fits your style.

Be Upfront About Your Price Range

Everyone has a number they don’t want to cross. And everyone has a number they simply cannot and will not cross. Make sure your real estate agent knows your limits. Be upfront and clear so that everyone is on the same page from the start! A great agent will appreciate your limits and find you homes in your price range. If they are constantly going above and beyond your absolute limit, you may need to have a conversation.


Make a List of What You Cannot Live Without

Everyone has a wish list, but make sure you communicate to your agent which items you cannot live without in your home. If you are in a booming market, this list may change as your search goes on, and that is okay! Make a list of your wants and needs to help. Share this list with your agent so they know your preferences. If your real estate agent continues to show you places without your musts, communicate the necessity to him or her again!

Do Your Neighborhood Research

Your real estate agent can make suggestions, but only you know what you are looking for in a neighborhood. Do some additional research so that you can limit the homes you spend time actually going to see. If you have kids or want them in the future and want to send them to public school, tell your real estate agent that you only want to look at homes in the best school districts. If you’re young and like to explore the area, express to your agent how you’d love to be close to downtown. These are important details that will help you recognize if your agent is right for you! Do they understand your requests and why you’re making them? Or do they fight you on them? This can be a sure sign that you’ve found the right agent or that you need to keep searching!


Get to Know Your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is the person you are going to be spending much of your time with the next few months. You are going to be e-mailing, texting, calling, and meeting frequently. All parties involved should get to know each other like friends. If there is something off about your agent that you just can’t figure out, or if you just don’t get along with them, find a new one stat!

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic home buying or selling experience! To learn more about Mark Spain Real Estate, click here.


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