How to Keep Your Home Flu Free

How to Keep Your Home Flu Free

How to Keep Your Home Flu Free

By Mark Spain

No one wants their holiday ruined by fevers, coughs and runny noses. With flu season upon us, don’t leave your home susceptible to any viruses. Practice these simple reminders at home, and you and your family will keep your house as germ-free as possible this season.

1. Wash Your Hands Often

Washing your hands is essential. If your young ones don’t like washing their hands, try to make it fun! Look into foaming soaps and softly scented options. When playing outside, keep hand sanitizer on deck when a sink isn’t available. A little dirt and fun outside it always good to build up the immune system but just remember before dinner that nothing will clean your hands like warm water, soap and a good scrubbing.

2. Clean Regularly and Consistently

Flu germs and viruses will harbor in your home if you let them, especially on surfaces that are touched the most. Thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your home. Don’t forget about some of the germiest hot spots including TV remotes, door knobs, light switches and handles. Electronics are not an exception. Wipe down phones, laptops and game controllers as well. Clean these spots regularly and consistently for the best results.

3. Leave Shoes At The Door

Your shoes go everywhere you go. So of course, they carry tons of bacteria and germs from the outside. Avoid tracking them throughout your home by leaving them by the door on your way in. This will limit the reach of flu-causing germs in your home.

4. Read Your Cleaning Labels

Though oftentimes used interchangeably there’s a difference between products that sanitize and products that disinfect. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sanitizers kill 99.999 percent of bacteria within 30 seconds while disinfectants destroy pathogens and disease-causing organisms in ten minutes. Sanitizers are great for places like the kitchen and general areas. Disinfectants are more suited for heavy duty cleaning like your bathroom. Utilize both accordingly to clean your home most effectively.

5. Change Your Sheets

Just as TV remotes and light switches are used daily, simply sleeping in bed cultivates germs as well. To combat bacteria growth wash your sheets regularly. Ideally, you want to change your sheets every week. If that’s not feasible, every two weeks will do the trick!

6. Throw Away That Old Sponge

Sponges are porous and wet – the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Nix the old sponge and opt for changing it out regularly or using paper towels or disinfecting wipes. If you’re keen on being environmentally friendly, use dish towels instead. Make sure to wash them often and at a high temperature to avoid simply spreading germs around rather than getting rid of them.

7. Practice Healthy Habits

A healthy body will fight off viruses on its own faster than an unhealthy one. Make sure you and your family do what you can to remain healthy and happy. Eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. Your body will thank you.

Take these precautions into your home and you will be equipped to fight off the flu and keep your family healthy.


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