Ultimate Checklist for Hosting a Holiday Party

Ultimate Checklist for Hosting a Holiday Party

Ultimate Checklist for Hosting a Holiday Party

By Mark Spain

It’s official: the holidays are here! If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit and are ready to host a fantastic party, we’ve got you covered. From a simple holiday get-together to a huge celebration, we’ve created the ultimate checklist for hosting an unforgettable holiday party.

Save the Date

First things first: plan a date and stick with it. A good rule of thumb is to plan a party either before or at the beginning of holiday break, before your guests will be busy with the kids out of school and spending time with family.

Set the Location

Decide on a good location to host your party. If there is enough room, hosting the party at your home is always an easy and convenient idea. But, if you’re expecting more guests than could comfortably gather in your home, consider looking into renting out the clubhouse space in your home’s community or researching to see if there is a restaurant venue that can be booked for little or no charge.

Pick a Theme

Set a fun theme for your party! This will help everything else go smoother when it comes to purchasing decor, napkins, etc. White Christmas, Let it Snow, Chocolate Factory and Holidays Around the World are just a couple of great theme ideas.

Send the Invites

Now that you know the the date, location and theme of your party, you can easily send out the invites. Pro Tip: we recommend sending out an Evite for your party. They’re easy to create and design, and even easier to send out. Tracking your RSVPs is also a breeze!

Pick Your Decor

Now let’s get to the fun part: decorating! Pick from tasteful decorations such as poinsettias, small white lights, garland and ornaments. Try to set your decor according to your theme, and your venue will be sure to look like the ultimate holiday hotspot.

Don’t Forget the Food

It’s just not the holidays without a fantastic feast. Food and drink are must-haves for any holiday party, so it’s important to start deciding what you want to serve. Holiday horderves are simple and easy items that you can serve at your party, such as a cheese board, chips and dip, fondue and various small desserts such as pastries, cakes or cookies. Pro Tip: Invite your guests to each bring a batch of their favorite holiday cookies or dessert to your party and put a twist on a cookie swap. This way you’ll be covered on desserts and everyone will get to enjoy an assortment of sweets.

Choose Your Entertainment

Decide what kind of party you really want to have. Do you want to play holiday games, or simply play some music in the background and let everyone enjoy each other’s company? Leaving a holiday film on in the background can also be a great way to have some entertainment and is also a fun talking point for guests.

Let the People Eat!

Aside from the decor around your venue, make sure that you have plates and utensils that fit your theme. It’s a good idea to make sure that you have holiday-themed napkins, silverware, glassware, serving dishes and trays for your guests to utilized and enjoy. Make sure to put out extra to ensure everyone is able to get as much food as they want and so you can relax and enjoy the event.

Greet Your Guests

This is one of the most important things you can do as a host – make each of your guests feel special When your guests arrive, make it a point to greet each and every one and thank them for coming. Every so often, check around with guests and make sure that there isn’t anything that they need or you can help with. Once the party is over, thank all of you guests for coming, and also make sure that they all have a safe ride home. Greeting each of your guests and checking in to ensure no one needs anything will help make your event one they will never forget.

Once you’ve made this list and checked it twice, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the best holiday party in town in no time!


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