How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays

How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays

How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays

By Mark Spain

So you’re trying to sell your home, but want to decorate for the holidays? You can still make your home festive and appeal to potential buyers. Follow these tips to put your home in its best light and make the most of your holiday staging.

Depersonalize Your Decorations

When staging your home during the holidays you still want buyers to be able to picture themselves living there. That can be a little difficult to imagine with personal decorations like the kids’ DIY ornaments and knick-knacks strewn around. Though sentimental and valuable to you, personal decor may make it hard for others to imagine your house as their home. Skip those for the season and break them out in your new home instead.

Keep it Timeless

Classy decorations like lights, candles, pinecones, garland, ribbons and stockings will create a timeless staging style that anyone can appreciate. Make sure your decorations match the hues in your home to avoid any clashes of colors. Stick with white lights for an elegant, traditional look and experiment with pinecones by tucking a few here and there throughout the home to add texture.

Include Greenery

Incorporating greenery into your holiday staging will not only give a fresh look, but it will also infuse your home with an clean aroma that’s perfect for the season. Consider live olive leaves and myrtle for the mantle or an evergreen wreath for the door. Eucalyptus makes for an attractive scented cut arrangement to be placed on counters and tables. Keep your holiday greenery away from direct sunlight to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Show Off Your Tree

A Christmas tree is one of the best ways to add holiday cheer to your home. Choose the right one to fit your home staging. If you have high ceilings, a tall tree will draw eyes up, accentuating the height. For a cozier home, stick with a petite tree that will pair well with the room. Be thoughtful when decorating your tree by choosing ornaments that match the color palette of your home decor. Skip the homemade popcorn garland and opt for a nice tinsel instead.

Set the Table

Having the table set will create an inviting environment, which is exactly what you want when showing your home to potential buyers. Break out your best china, glasses, dishes and silverware. Be sure to set them according to etiquette standards. Add a pop of color with linen napkins or placemats. You can finish off your table with a festive centerpiece of pinecones and greenery galore!

Light a Fire

A roaring, toasty fire will make your viewers feel warm and welcome during their visit. Take advantage of the opportunity by showing off this sought-after feature. It will help potential buyers envision living in a cozy home. However, make sure you are being safe and attentive. To prevent any accidents from happening, keep flammables away from the fireplace and make sure the fire is monitored.

Provide Holiday Treats

Put potential buyers in the holiday spirit by providing some homemade holiday treats. It will not only be a nice gesture to potential buyers but it will also fill your home with a sweet, enticing smell that will have them reminiscing of your home long after. Stay away from ingredients like peanuts for those with allergies. Finally, break out some apple cider and hot chocolate to drink.

Follow these guidelines and your home will be full of timeless holiday cheer and ready for potential buyers to see. These small touches will make a world of a difference.


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