How to Host the Ultimate Super Bowl Party at Home

How to Host the Ultimate Super Bowl Party at Home

How to Host the Ultimate Super Bowl Party at Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Super Bowl LIII is here and the Rams are taking on the Patriots. Whether it’s your first or fifth time hosting everyone at your house, there’s a lot to plan! Rest assured we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party this year.

Deck Out on Decorations

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have your team playing in the Super Bowl or maybe you’re just cheering against who you don’t want to win. Either way, you have a great excuse to deck out and decorate! Go wild with streamers, banners, themed plastic ware and of course, your team’s jersey! If you don’t have a particular team you’re rooting for, decorate with football-shaped balloons and football-themed decor to get everyone in the Super Bowl spirit.

Make the Menu

No matter what game it is, we can all agree that game day food is absolutely essential, especially for the Super Bowl! Finger foods are always a great choice, so everyone can snack throughout the whole game. Pick different options that will satisfy everyone: wings, sliders, Buffalo Chicken Dip, veggies with ranch, chips and dip. Make use of your crockpot for chili or a dip. Lost for ideas? Take a look at these awesome super bowl party foods.

Stock up on Serving Items

Make sure to get enough plates, napkins, cups and silverware for everyone. When it comes to finger foods, toothpicks are a great touch making food easy to serve and eat. Make sure you also have serving platters and bowls for the foods and chips. Consider getting football-themed items to add to the spirit of the party.

Don’t Get Thirsty

Whether it’s a soda for the kids or a beer for the game, having a good selection of drinks is key. To make grabbing drinks easy, get a cooler or small tub and stock up with ice. Filling one with juice and soda cans for the kids and the other with water and beer for adults will allow everyone to grab and go as they please.

Set Up Seating

With all of the good food, people will eventually want to sit down and eat. Make sure that you have enough seating for everyone to be comfortable. If you have a lot of kids joining as well, consider putting the game on in another room and setting up an area for them to play and enjoy the game separately from the adults.

After you’ve checked these items off your list, you’ll be ready to host the ultimate party for one of the biggest days of the year.


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