How to Maximize Functionality in Your Home

How to Maximize Functionality in Your Home

How to Maximize Functionality in Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Everyday hustle and bustle can be taxing, especially if you feel overwhelmed at home too. One of the best ways to stay on top of tasks and feel productive is to keep your house in excellent shape. We’ve gathered the best ways to maximize functionality in your home so you are set up for success all year round.

It’s Time to Clean

Commit to a time block. Whether it is every Sunday or the third Saturday of every month, choose a day or two to commit to cleaning. Get rid of the extra items laying about around the house that don’t serve a strong purpose. Go through your junk drawer and remove anything that can be thrown away. Clear out shelves that seem to attract random nick nacks. Once your spaces are cleaned out and organized, it will be easier to decide how else you can improve the functionality of your home.


Say Goodbye to Clutter

After you’ve cleared your home from the excess items weighing you down, focus on ways to keep the mess to a minimum. From shoes laying in the entryway to office papers spread out across the kitchen table, clutter can pile up quickly. Get ahead of the mess by adding stylish accessories around the house that increase storage space. Consider baskets to put away small items that get left on the floor, or try out a new coffee table with pockets for extra storage. Have a system in place where everything belongs to help keep the clutter down.


Organize the Traffic

Organize your furniture in a way that flows and makes sense for each room. Keep the walkway in your house easy to navigate and clear. Clear space is especially important if you have little ones. An open and clear walkway will ensure kids stay safe when on the move!

Save Space

Extra storage doesn’t have to take up space. If there is a smaller room in your home that appears crowded, try building up! Tall bookcases are smart and stylish ways to add storage to a room without taking away space. Door hooks, hideaway bins and multipurpose furniture are useful options to keep things out of the way.


Make It Unique

Give each room its own unique purpose. Decorate your sitting room with reading, working and gathering in mind. Keep your kitchen as a space for cooking and eating! Dedicate the living room as an area for family time, game night and relaxation. Give each room a dedicated purpose to help keep everything functional and organized.

Help your home put its best foot forward with these tips and tricks. Set your home up for success, and you will be too!


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