Most Important Things to Look Out for in a Home Inspection

Most Important Things to Look Out for in a Home Inspection

Most Important Things to Look Out for in a Home Inspection

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When looking for a new house, a professional home inspection is an important and recommended part of the process. Spending a few hundred dollars on the inspection can potentially save you thousands down the road. A home may seem well-maintained on the surface, but several issues could be lying underneath. A professional’s eye is needed in a home inspection to uncover problems and save you a lot of future headaches. Here are the most important things to look out for in a home inspection.


1. Water Damage

When it comes to a home, water issues can be costly. Overlooked or hidden water damage can cause mold, mildew, structural issues and more. Drainage toward the home can lead to damp basements and crawl spaces. Be mindful of the direction of water drainage.

2. Electrical Systems

Faulty electrical systems pose a high safety risk. Worn and outdated wiring are likely to have defects that require immediate attention so it’s increasingly important to be aware of any electrical issues in a home you’re considering.

3. Plumbing Problems

Remember–water issues can be costly. A small leak will lead to big problems and a high utility bill if neglected. Leaks and rusted pipes can be indicators of larger, more expensive issues. Oftentimes plumbing problems have simple fixes, but if it’s too late a whole system replacement may be necessary.


4. Roofing Issues

Roofs protect your home from rain, snow, sunlight, extreme temperatures and more. An old deteriorating roof will leave a home vulnerable to the elements and lead to extensive issues like water intrusion and pest infestation. Check to make sure the roofing materials are sound and not in need of replacing.

5. Insects, Pests and Rodents

Not only are pests like carpenter ants, rodents and termites a nuisance but they can cause some serious damage. Carpenter ants and termites are found in wood and can affect the structural soundness of wood in a home over time. Any sign of them is bad news.

6. Heating and Cooling Systems

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their home, so pay attention to the HVAC system of the home you’re considering. Your home inspector will confirm if the heating and cooling system is functional and efficient. Improper installations, aged HVAC parts and ignored maintenance are common issues to look for.

No house is perfect but utilizing a home inspection with the help of a professional will enable you to make an informed decision on purchasing your next home. Have questions? Contact us today.


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