Decluttering Tips To Sell Your Home

Decluttering Tips To Sell Your Home

Decluttering Tips To Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Decluttering a home for potential buyers can seem like an insurmountable task. There are trinkets stacked sky-high and somehow thirty years worth of clutter have been accumulated in a ten year span. Add in children or pets, and some may feel ready to throw in the towel. It’s always important to spend time cleaning and prepping a home before a photography appointment or listing a home on the market. Therefore, Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled the simplest and most effective tips for decluttering a home. 

Leverage Your Curb Appeal

  • Declutter the front entrance
  • Sweep around the door and on the steps, and shake off the welcome mat
  • Put away things like gardening supplies and toys
  • Remove trash cans and close the garage doors
  • Fix up garden areas to ensure there are no dead plants or weeds

Create A Warm Welcome

  • Brighten up each room by turning on lights and opening curtains and blinds
  • Load the dishwasher and keep the sink empty
  • Pick up laundry and make sure the beds are made
  • Put away any ongoing projects and organize work spaces


Quick Fixes

  • Sweep problem areas, and run the vacuum over carpets in large areas
  • Wipe down work spaces and kitchen and bathroom counter tops
  • Light a candle, but keep the scent simple
  • Adjust furniture and blankets in a tidy manner

First impressions are everything, especially when selling a home. The more often a home is kept up on a daily basis, the easier it will be to show. Additionally, buyers will appreciate a clean, show-ready home, and remember that they didn’t have to step around clutter!

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