The Modern Solution to Selling Your Home Fast

The Modern Solution to Selling Your Home Fast

The Modern Solution to Selling Your Home Fast

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After decades of buying and selling homes the same, traditional way, Americans now have options. Homeowners are desiring to sell their homes quickly and are turning to programs like Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer.

While these types of sales currently represent a relatively small section of the real estate market in the Southeast, these hassle-free transactions have made a profound impact. Sellers are increasingly finding this modern solution appealing and a great way to meet their home-selling goals. 

Mark Spain Real Estate is able to simplify and accelerate the sales process through our Guaranteed Offer product. Let us walk you through what separates our hassle-free, all-cash offer from a traditional home selling process, why thousands of people are seeking offers each day, and why this trend will continue. 

What is an iBuyer?Sell your home with the iBuyer option

An iBuyer is a company that purchases your home for cash. They provide a modern solution to the often laborious, costly and invasive process of selling a home. The seller doesn’t have to list the home, make necessary repairs or updates, stage the home or hold open houses. 

The term originated many years ago when the concept first entered the real estate marketplace in 2014; however, most companies use their own branded names. For example, Mark Spain Real Estate provides homeowners with a ‘Guaranteed Offer.’

How does the iBuying process work?

Many companies use an Automated Valuation Model. This technology allows them to instantly evaluate the value of your home as well as determine what price they’ll offer you to sell it.

In order to get an accurate valuation, there is certain data that homeowners must provide, such as the home’s age, condition, and zip code, along with other details that may not be correct in public databases. Using this data and mathematical algorithms, the iBuyer is able to predict the home’s value and then calculate an offer. However, it is important to note that not all homes qualify for this modern type of home sale. Factors such as age, location, condition, and price can prevent a house from being a candidate for an iBuyer.

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer team will verify if your home meets the program parameters. If your home meets the requirements, an offer will be extended contingent upon an inspection. Upon accepting the offer, you have the opportunity to close in as little as 21 days.

Why do sellers choose to work with Mark Spain Real Estate? 

It might not be the solution for every homeowner who is selling, but there are many reasons why an owner may find an iBuyer as the best option. Speed, convenience, and peace of mind are the most commonly listed reasons homeowners use an iBuyer. 

  • Speed: Whether a homeowner needs to relocate for a new job or doesn’t want to lose out on their dream home due to a contingency, being able to sell quickly is a great benefit to many sellers.
  • Convenience: It’s common for sellers that have two working parents, young kids and pets to seek out an iBuyer to avoid the stress and hassle that comes with listing your home. For these families–convenience is their primary need.
  • Peace of Mind: Moving forward after a major life change like death, divorce, or caring for an aging parent can be difficult emotionally and financially. In these situations, a cash offer and quick closing can help sellers begin the next chapter with greater peace of mind.

Mark Spain Real Estate is a company that values giving their clients options. The Guaranteed Offer program allows you to bypass the market and close with confidence in as little as 21 days. Our team will offer the speed and convenience of an iBuyer deal, while providing our clients with the protection of a licensed real estate agent to represent their best interests. 

The Future of the iBuyer

It has been predicted that 60% of home sale transactions will be with iBuyers by 2025. Even if that prediction falls short, it is undeniable that the iBuying trend of homeowners selling directly to real estate companies will continue to grow and evolve. Companies will continue to explore new ways to answer home buyers’ and sellers’ needs. 

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer allows you to bypass the market and close in as little as 21 days. With no showings, no open houses and no improvements, you can avoid the stress of putting your home on the market. Contact us to get a Guaranteed Offer today! Want to learn more about Mark Spain Real Estate? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!