Our Client Experience: Sharon and Billy’s Story

Our Client Experience: Sharon and Billy’s Story

Our Client Experience: Sharon and Billy’s Story

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After serving over 20,000 clients over 25 years, Mark Spain Real Estate has become one of the most trusted names in residential real estate. We accomplish this by keeping the client experience at the top of our mind! In 2019, we had the opportunity to serve Sharon and Billy in the sale of their home. Our agent’s dedication to their goals brought them a speedy and seamless sale! 

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Sharon and Billy’s Client Experience

Sharon and Billy had outgrown their old home. They decided it was time to move on to newer and better things. Despite initially planning on listing their home traditionally, Sharon and Billy discovered Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer! The Guaranteed Offer allowed them to bypass the market and streamline the sale of their home. They even got more for it than they thought they would! Sharon and Billy spent zero days on the market and sold their home for over 10% of their list price and 99% of market value!

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Mark Spain Real Estate never wavered in our commitment to Sharon and Billy’s client experience. When asked about their time with us they stated, “Our Mark Spain Real Estate agent was amazing! Our house was sold within a week of meeting and we got even more than we thought we could get! Mark Spain Real Estate made it so simple for us to move on to the next chapter of our life. Now, we are SO happy in our new dream home!”

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