Our Client Experience: Janice’s Story

Our Client Experience: Janice’s Story

Our Client Experience: Janice’s Story

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After serving over 20,000 clients over 25 years, Mark Spain Real Estate has become one of the most trusted names in residential real estate. We accomplish this by upholding an excellent client-focused experience! Last September, we had the opportunity to serve Janice in the sale of her home. A quick sale and high return made the experience as easy as possible for her! 

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Janice’s Client Experience

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Janice and her husband were ready to sell their home and move on to retirement! They had their sights set on an excellent 55+ community and they were excited to start a new chapter in life. After 15 days on the market, Janice received an offer on her home. Additionally, the offer was for 105% of market value! Mark Spain Real Estate’s expertise secured an offer that completely exceeded Janice’s expectations. In just a month after listing, Janice happily closed on her home.

Mark Spain Real Estate kept Janice’s client experience as our top priority. When asked about her time with us, Janice had this to say, “Our Mark Spain agent was personable from our first meeting and was well prepared. We had a number in our head to sell, and we were too low! Our agent pulled comparative listings to show us how we would get top dollar for our home. We knew he had our best interest at heart! Showings went wonderful and communication was constant. Above all, it was a quick sale and even quicker closing!”

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