Our Client Experience: Yvonne’s Story

Our Client Experience: Yvonne’s Story

Our Client Experience: Yvonne’s Story

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After serving the real estate industry for the last 25 years, Mark Spain Real Estate has become the most trusted name in residential real estate by delivering an unparalleled client experience. In early March, we had the opportunity to serve Yvonne in the sale of her home. Our agent’s dedication to their goals brought her a streamlined sale! 

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Yvonne’s Client Experience

In May of 2019, Yvonne purchased a home in Mississippi and listed her home in Ellenwood, GA on the market. After months with no luck, Yvonne realized that she needed a real estate company that had a proven track record of selling homes. She contacted Mark Spain Real Estate and was quickly connected with an agent who was ready and determined to sell her home fast.

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In just a few months Yvonne’s home went under contract, and she was very excited and thankful! Two weeks before closing, Yvonne received news that a second lien had been detected on the property. She contacted her agent who advised her on what to do, all while staying passionate and positive. Her agent called her back shortly with good news, the lien was released from the property! Yvonne was able to close on her home shortly after.

When asked about her time with Mark Spain Real Estate Yvonne said, “My agent was passionate and had experience beyond his years. Many agents would have given up on this sale or asked us to make yet another sacrifice of some kind, but not my agent at Mark Spain Real Estate. Instead, he made the sacrifice so we could sell our home and we did! We recommend Mark Spain Real Estate to all of our family and friends who are selling or buying homes.”

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