Peace of Mind with Cinch Home Warranty

Peace of Mind with Cinch Home Warranty

Peace of Mind with Cinch Home Warranty

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is the most trusted name in residential real estate by helping our clients reach their goals and providing an unparalleled client experience. Mark Spain Real Estate partnered with Cinch Home Warranty, the leading home warranty for home appliances and systems, to provide our clients piece of mind and protection when costly repairs arise.

Interested in selling or buying a home? Mark Spain Real Estate and Cinch can help you during this unexpected time.

Cinch Home Warranty Explained

Cinch Home Warranty has you covered when it comes to the items your home insurance does not cover,  such as your appliances or systems failure. Our new Cinch home warranty allows you to plan for the last minute costly fixes around your home, such as replacing a dishwasher that costs $500 on average.With Cinch Home Warranty, all of your appliances and home systems are covered. Furthermore, this warranty is all about saving homeowner’s money. Whether your refrigerator or garage door opener  stops working, you are covered!

Cinch Home Warranty allows you to save money on repairs by paying one low deductible when you purchase your home warranty. Most importantly,  it gives you peace of mind knowing your bank account won’t suffer from a last minute home system failure. Cinch offers you 24/7 customer service and only licensed professionals. 

Be prepared for last minute fixed with Cinch Home Warrant

Am I qualified for this warranty?

Yes! Any homeowner can purchase this warranty with your home. Once purchased, your home will be protected for as long as you own it. We offer three different protection plans. The following plan options can be chosen when you list your home with Mark Spain Real Estate, with the intent of transferring the benefits to the buyer of your home at closing.

  1. $75 Optional Seller Heating & AC Coverage
  2. $389 Complete Home Plan with $200 Deductible
  3. $428 Complete Home Plan Including Premier Upgrade Package with $200 Deductible
  4. $489 Complete Home Plan with $100 Deductible

With a listing warranty from Cinch you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind that a covered appliance outage will be taken care of during your listing period. You just pay the deductible and the warranty will cover the rest!
  • Appeal to potential buyers by offering a 1-year warranty to be transferred at closing.
  • Cost of the warranty is not due until closing.

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