Accomplishing Our Client’s Real Estate Goals

Accomplishing Our Client’s Real Estate Goals

Accomplishing Our Client’s Real Estate Goals

By Mark Spain Real Estate

One of our core values at Mark Spain Real Estate is to remain client focused. Last month, one of our Raleigh agents exemplified this value while serving our client through the Guaranteed Offer program. The Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer program was designed to help clients accomplish their real estate goals. 

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The Guaranteed Offer

Our client was a couple preparing for their retirement, and they wanted to move closer to their family. They wanted to spend their retirement years helping their kids grow their businesses and be more involved in their lives. Their biggest concerns with Our Guaranteed Offer program is hassle free and made to work for you!listing traditionally were their two dogs and working from home. They asked their agent, “How could we host showings? Additionally, we are building a home and it won’t be complete until next year, how could we possibly sell our home now? Our main goal is to take advantage of the current sellers’ market, but not be without a home for the holidays.”

Our rockstar agent suggested that the best way to accomplish their real estate goals was to use the Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer. They were able to receive an offer with a closing date that was the same date as their new home’s build completion. This was perfect for them because now they wouldn’t have to move twice. Additionally, the Guaranteed Offer they received was significantly over the expected range for their home.  The couple was so happy that the offer came in so high and they could negotiate to close on the day that worked for them. Overall, they were incredibly happy with their unparalleled client experience while working with Mark Spain Real Estate.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering an unparalleled client experience. Let us help you sell your home. We would love to serve you!

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