Keep Your Home Cozy and Comfortable

Keep Your Home Cozy and Comfortable

Keep Your Home Cozy and Comfortable

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When cold weather hits, it’s more important than ever to create a cozy and comfortable living space. This is the time of year where weekends are spent bundled up at home with a great book or Netflix series. Use the following tips to combat the chill of winter and make your home extra cozy this season.

1. Build a Nook

Looking for a way to better utilize space? Add a reading nook! First, locate a corner or an alcove. Add a piece of furniture like a comfy chair, a small couch or a daybed. Top it off with pillows, throws, a floor lamp and some wall art. For an added touch, consider adding a shelf filled with your favorite books. Your nook will be the perfect homey niche for reading, relaxing and more.

2. Create Warm Tones

Introduce warm tones to your home’s color palette to instantly make the space more inviting and add to the ambiance. You can achieve this by painting the walls or simply adding warm-toned accents. Consider shades like cranberry, gold, rust or mustard. Festive greens and reds are also perfect for the season.

3. Elevate Your Throw Game

Nothing says cozy and comfy like some soft throw blankets on your couches and chairs. With blankets placed throughout your home, you will be well equipped to take on the cold winter months ahead. Not only are throws great for keeping warm, but they can be used for decoration. A blanket ladder will easily organize your throws as well as put them on display.

When cold weather hits, it’s more important than ever to create a cozy and comfortable living space in your home

4. Light a Fire in Your Home

Nothing beats the warmth of a fireplace on a cold evening. The warm glow of a fire is the perfect component to increase the cozy factor in your home. And if your home doesn’t have a fireplace? No problem! This is a great opportunity to try out an electric fireplace. There are several sleek, modern models on the market so your family can curl up in front of the “fire” in style.

5. Add Floor Pillows, Poufs and Ottomans

Floor pillows, poufs and ottomans are a comfortable alternative to traditional furniture like chairs and couches and come at a fraction of the cost. If you’re feeling crafty and have some old sweaters lying around, check out this DIY Sweater Pouf Ottoman.

When cold weather hits, it’s more important than ever to create a cozy and comfortable living space.

6. Utilize Soft Textiles

Incorporating soft textiles and fabrics in your home will warm it up right away. Plush rugs and cushioned pillows will easily accomplish this. If your floor is starting to feel cold, add an area rug. Try out materials like cable knit, shag or something fuzzy like faux fur for a luxurious feel.

7. Incorporate Soft lighting

With daylight savings time it can get dark pretty early during the gray, winter months. Utilize soft lighting in your home to give increase the cozy and comfortable vibe. Overhead lighting can oftentimes be harsh and uninviting. Instead, opt for softer lighting such as warm led table lamps or candles.

8. Display Family Photos and Memories

Putting up family photos is an easy way to add comfort and familiarity to your home. A mantel of holiday cards and fond photos of loved ones will warm your home and your heart. Consider creating a photo wall by hanging frames of various sizes for a mixed array.

keep your home cozy and comfortable this winter!

9. Add Curtains

This characterizing accessory serves multiple purposes such as providing privacy, adding a sense of comfort and filtering the excessive light. Curtains will not only soften a room, but they will also add another layer of insulation to your home and block cold air from getting through. Opt for a heavier, thicker curtain fabric this time of year.

10. Make a Hot Beverage

To stay cozy and comfortable in your home this winter, fix your favorite hot beverage. Whether you prefer to put on a tea kettle or a pot of coffee, both are sure to warm you up. If you’re looking for something less caffeinated, prepare a warm cup of hot chocolate. Feeling creative? Try out one of these homemade hot chocolate recipes that your whole family is sure to love.

With these tips and tricks, your home will transform into a warm and inviting winter retreat.

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