Hot 2021 Real Estate Markets and Low Interest Rates

Hot 2021 Real Estate Markets and Low Interest Rates

Hot 2021 Real Estate Markets and Low Interest Rates

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The effects of 2020 has brought a very attractive 2021 Real Estate market with low interest rates and extremely hot markets. Homebuyers’ priorities have shifted in the last 12 months as homeowners are valuing more space due to the fact that families are staying home on a day to day basis, in the attempt to stay healthy and safe. Additionally, specialized space for home offices, gyms, and school space has become more important than ever before. Now, more than ever, homeowners are fully enjoying every feature their home has to offer and improving upon the features that they desire to be better. If you are ready for more space to work, teach, exercise, and retreat, these are the top reasons now is the perfect time to sell and buy your new home.

Sellers Market in the 2021 Real Estate Market

Local real estate markets are hot! With the increased demand for more space coupled with limited supply, home prices have dramatically increased and you may have more value in your home than you realize. Sellers have a unique opportunity in the 2021 real estate market where homes are selling in record time and often for more than the asking price. This can lead sellers to make a much higher profit than they would selling their homes in the past! The market is flooding with buyers, causing a home shortage. This is another incentive to put your home on the market, as it will be very sought after by many buyers. 

Buyers Market in the 2021 Real Estate Market

The economic effects of 2020 led to record low interest rates, which are expected to remain under 3% through 2021. With interest rates remaining under 3%, homebuyers can afford more home than they were able tYoung kids moving to new houseo a year ago without any other changes in their financial circumstances. Additionally, homeowners may wish to sell their current home and purchase a larger home or a home in a more popular area that requires a larger investment. As interest rates on mortgages remain low, purchasing a home has become more accessible. These incentives allow homebuyers to find their dream home for a great price due to low interest rates. Now is the perfect time to finally take the plunge and invest in a new space you are happy to call home!

Building Could Be Better

Excited Couple Planning Decoration Of New HomeWhile there is limited inventory for buyers, this may be a great time to build your dream home! Building your dream home gives you an opportunity to build it to your exact needs. With the combination of low interests rates and a high demand in this attractive market, builders are working effortlessly to exceed the demand and reduce the housing shortage by constructing more homes. Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you in the sale of your current home and through connecting you with the top builders in the Southeast to reach the trends that are desire the most in the 2021 real estate market!


Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to offer our clients options to meet their goals. Our Guaranteed Offer Program is perfect for homeowners needing to sell their home fast! 

Now is the perfect time to transition into the new home you truly love, and Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you sell your current home and buy your dream home in the 2021 real estate market! 

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