3 Low Cost, High Return Home Improvement Projects

3 Low Cost, High Return Home Improvement Projects

3 Low Cost, High Return Home Improvement Projects

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate summarizes key home improvement projects to increase the value of your home! Increasing a home’s selling price doesn’t require large sums of money; here are three low-cost, high return home improvement projects. We strive to continuously grow and improve, with these projects you will surely improve the value of your home!

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Home Improvement Projects

Landscape The Front YardHome Improvement Projects can increase the value of your home

Making a home’s front yard look good isn’t just for aesthetic value. Selling the front yard is the first hurdle in the selling process, and vital to increasing a home’s selling price. For any sale to commence, the front yard has to make a good impression.

To decide which areas of the yard need improvement, walk through the home’s front yard to its front door. Ask a friend to do the same and compare observations.

Make sure to sweep walkways, de-weed flower beds, repair broken fences, and plant shrubs. These areas are important to buyers.

The return on investment for front yard projects has a broad range: 100% to 200%. However, considering the low cost of these projects, and the fact that homebuyers will judge your home based on its exterior, improving a home’s front yard is vital.

Replace A Home’s Siding and Front Door

For homebuyers, the two most important parts of a home’s exterior are the door and the sides. They can help build a positive first impression and can motivate homebuyers to walk through the front door.

According to Home Advisors, the average cost of installing a new front door in the Atlanta area is $865. Its return on investment is 70% and above.

Siding replacement has a similar return on investment. Replacing siding for an entire Atlanta home costs around $12,000. Its return on investment runs just north of eighty percent.

Clean The Home’s InteriorMark Spain suggests home improvement projects

The improved front yard, sides, and front door will get homebuyers into the home. However, the home’s interior will act as the primary selling area.

For a few hundred dollars or less, homeowners can substantially improve their home’s value by cleaning and vacuuming carpets, applying fresh coats of paint, washing curtains, and draperies.

However, carpet stains that can’t be removed will need to be replaced. In Atlanta, the cost of installing new carpets ranges from $3,73 to $4.82 per square foot. The return on investment for new carpets is around 60%.

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