3 Tips to Maximize Space for Better Home Staging

3 Tips to Maximize Space for Better Home Staging

3 Tips to Maximize Space for Better Home Staging

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When you’re looking to sell your home fast, home staging plays an integral role in the process. With expert staging, buyers will see your house at its fullest potential, which means you’ll be more likely to sell your home for a higher price. Maximizing space is an essential aspect of home staging, especially when you’re selling a house with small rooms or limited square footage. As the nationwide leader in real estate, Mark Spain Real Estate specializes in home staging, and we’ve put together three tips to help you make small spaces appear bigger.

Remove the Clutter

If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to reduce your belongings down to just the essentials. Not only will this improve your home’s appearance, but it will also make the move easier. While this may seem obvious, many sellers overlook this simple trick to make their home appear bigger than it really is. Do you actually need all of those chairs at your dining room table? Do you really need the exercise bike in the living room? The key here is to demonstrate what a room can be used for so that buyers don’t have to use their imagination, but you also don’t want to cloud their vision either. Clutter makes a room feel smaller, and when rooms feel small, buyers will be less excited about your home’s potential. Remember that you’re selling a home, not the items in it. 

Optimal Furniture StagingHome Staging Tips

Furniture placement can make or break your home staging when you’re looking to sell a home fast. Bedrooms and living spaces feel significantly larger if there is space to walk or gather. First, make sure you’re only displaying the necessary furniture—less is more. It’s always better to have one large cabinet than two or three small ones. Additionally, pull furniture in your living rooms and dens away from the wall, as the extra space in between will create the illusion of a larger room. In the bedrooms, try to place the bed as far away from the doorway as possible—this makes them feel more spacious than they are, especially if the buyers simply glance into the room. Also, try to leave room on either side of the bed if you can. The more room to walk, the better. 

Showcase the Hardwood

Hardwood is always important to showcase when selling your house. Firstly, hardwood is generally en vogue and buyers should be aware of any natural hardwood that your home has to offer. Secondly, the more floor you can display, the larger the room will appear. If you’re using several area rugs to cover your floor, perhaps try switching to one larger rug and letting the hardwood breathe. This will also ensure that you keep walkways clear and create space for potential buyers to gather and enjoy the space in your home.

Work with an Experienced Real Estate AgentHome Staging Tips

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