4 Reasons to Sell a Home During the Holidays

4 Reasons to Sell a Home During the Holidays

4 Reasons to Sell a Home During the Holidays

By Mark Spain Real Estate

In real estate, we’re all taught that spring and summer are the optimal times to sell a home. However, the cooler seasons, particularly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, also have much to offer for home sellers. So, while some may advise not to sell a home during the holidays, we’re here to show you how this can be a perfect time for you to sell your home. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experienced industry professionals will sell your home in any season. Whether that be in the thick of summer or, in this case, during the holiday season, we promise a smooth and stress-free sale. If you’re considering listing your home this holiday season, let us sell you on the idea. Read below to hear from our experts on why it’s wise to sell a home during the holidays. 

4 Reasons to Sell a Home During the Holidays 

Less Competition Among Sellers

Because spring and summer are the peak home-selling seasons, you won’t find as much competition during the holiday season. With ample home inventory, you must put in much more effort to make your listing stand out. However, the sparser market during the holiday season doesn’t require as much strategy, as a quality listing will already stand out in a small pond. There will be less competition among sellers when you sell a home during the holidays.

So, while you might be like other sellers who don’t want the added stress of home selling when trying to enjoy the holidays with family, consider how much more stressful it might be competing amongst other listings and having to lower your price to win over buyers. 

More Serious Buyers

As a seller, you should prioritize quality over quantity for home buyers. While the warmer months bring larger buyer pools, many of these buyers might not be serious about making an offer on a home. Instead, they might be casually browsing, attending open houses and surveying the market to fill their downtime. 

In contrast, winter sellers will find that quality trumps quantity when it comes to home buyers. Generally, anyone shopping for a new home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is serious about buying a home and will be ready to make an offer right then and there. This means a quicker, less stressful sale for you! 

High Spirits Among Buyers

If you’re going to sell a home during the holidays, you might as well take advantage of the festive spirit. There’s no denying that the holidays bring out the best in people, and as a seller, you should leverage that spirit if you can. Take advantage of this festive season by staging your home with fun and cheery decorations. Here's a comprehensive homeowner's winter checklist to guide you through the necessary steps to sell your home during the holidays.Whether that be twinkly Christmas lights in your front yard or a grand Christmas tree in your living room, playing into the holiday spirit will draw more attention to your listing and make buyers feel right at home when they walk in. 

More Flexible Scheduling 

While the holiday season does come with its fair share of chaos, it also comes with a lot of downtime. Between family gatherings, gift shopping, and turkey eating, most people also have much time to fill during their holiday vacations. And what better way to fill this downtime than to search for a home? Many sellers will find that buyers have more flexible scheduling during the holiday season, giving them more opportunities to search for and tour homes. 

So, instead of waiting for the weekend or after work to host a showing, you can enjoy a more flexible showing schedule and get more eyes on your property. And trust us, the more eyes, the better! 

Sell a Home During the Holidays with Mark Spain Real Estate

Do you want to sell a home during the holidays? The industry professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to grant your holiday wishes! Delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, our team of experienced listing consultants promises a seamless and stress-free selling experience year-round! Check out our Guaranteed Offer Program for the potential to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in only 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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