4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home

4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home

4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Buying a home can take a lot of groundwork, especially when it comes to research. While it’d be nice to hop right into your house hunt and explore the market, it’s best to begin your search by studying the ins and outs of the home-buying process using thorough research techniques. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know how complex the home-buying process can be. However, it can be a whole lot easier to navigate with the proper research techniques in place. Knowing what to study and look for before you begin your house hunt will start your search on the right foot. Below, our experts have provided four valuable research techniques to use so that you can make informed home buying decisions.  

4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home:

4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home

Define Your Wants and Needs

The best way to kickstart your home-buying research is to determine your wants and needs. Keep in mind that this is different than compiling a wishlist. Instead, it involves being pragmatic and realistic about your home’s non-negotiables, such as the number of bedrooms, proximity to work or school, backyard size, etc. One of the best research techniques to determine your non-negotiables is searching online for a helpful home-buying checklist. You might also consider watching videos of home buyers recapping their real-life experiences and sharing their non-negotiables vs. nice-to-haves in a home. 

Learn about the Home Buying Process

The next thing you’ll want to research is the home-buying process. From hiring a real estate agent to getting preapproved for a mortgage, you’ll want to learn everything you can before you make any major decisions. A large part of this step will involve finances, as buying a home can come with many hidden costs. Before you solidify a budget, you’ll want to ensure you’ve covered all of your bases, from appraisal fees to home inspection costs. Doing so will ensure you shop for homes within your financial range and minimize the risk of rejected offers. 

Study Local Market Trends

4 Research Techniques When Buying a Home

Location will heavily influence your home-buying decisions. After all, buying a home in a big, populated city will look a lot different than purchasing in a remote, rural area. If you have a location, and better yet, a specific neighborhood, in mind, it’s important to study your local market trends. For example, consider the area’s median listing price and sale price, as that will help you determine what most homes go for in your area. You might also look at the average days a house spends on the market in your area, which may indicate the level of local buyer competition. Understanding these factors will enable you to make a well-informed decision and secure a home that best fits your needs and budget.

Ask for Help

As a home buyer, you should never be afraid to ask for help. And ultimately, one of the best ways to learn more about real estate is to consult an expert. Hiring a real estate agent to help you with your house hunt is the best way to expedite your research process and cover your bases. A seasoned agent like those at Mark Spain Real Estate will have years of valuable experience and a vast pool of resources to help you make informed decisions about your home purchase. Not only will they answer all of your burning questions, but they can also help you with your research techniques if you’d like to do some work on your own. 

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