4 Tips Home Sellers Wished They Knew Before Selling Their Home

4 Tips Home Sellers Wished They Knew Before Selling Their Home

4 Tips Home Sellers Wished They Knew Before Selling Their Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling a home is a dynamic process that is different for everyone. However, there are similarities when it comes to selling your home whether you are a first time seller or have sold multiple homes in your lifetime. Mark Spain Real Estate has curated the top tips that home sellers wished they knew before selling a home. Interested in selling your home with Mark Spain Real Estate? Click here!

Understanding the Flaws in Your Home as a Home Seller

All homes can have some minor issues. It could be the squeaky door in the bedroom or chipped paint in the living room. While home sellers may not mind these things about their home, homebuyers will and expect a home to be in top condition. Home sellers need to take care of even the smallest flaws if they want to successfully sell their homes.

Don’t wait until after your property is already on the market to address these needed updates. Start taking care of these repairs as soon as possible to successfully sell your home fast. Being proactive with updates in your home puts you in the best position in the buyers eyes. The less flaws they see in a home, the more appealing your home will be

Pricing Your Home Correctly

Homeowners have a tendency to price their homes too high. This is understandable as homeowners value their home and want to get maximum profit. By pricing a home too high, your home may never sell.

To avoid this and price your home for the correct value, hire a professional and experienced real estate agent to help determine the optimal pricing strategy for your home. Our Mark Spain Real Estate agents know the housing market well and are prepared to guide you throughout the entire selling process.

Don’t Downplay the Listing Photos

Listing photos are the first online impression of your home. They are super important as they can easily make or break a home sale. No matter what the listing price is of a home, professional photos will help increase the chance of a sale.

Our team provides homeowners with professional photography of your listing at no additional cost. Professional listing photos will portray your home in the best possible light, which will attract many home buyers. No matter how you sell your home, don’t dismiss or downplay professional photos!

Mark Spain Real Estate advises home sellers to keep their home prepared for showings

Be Prepared for Home Showings

A final important tip to keep in mind is to be prepared for showings when listing your home on the market. Most importantly, be sure to keep your home decluttered and sparkling clean for home showings.

Homebuyers want to envision themselves living in the space, which will be hard if the seller’s personal items are displayed throughout the home. Also, if you have pets, make sure to have a plan of where to keep them during showings.

There is a lot to learn when it comes time to sell a home. Rest assured you are in good hands by selling your home with Mark Spain Real Estate. Use these tips and sell with confidence!

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