5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Investing in your home before moving out can sometimes seem counterintuitive. However, it’s necessary if you want to sell your house fast, especially during peak-selling season. Because spring fosters high competition, you’ll want to ensure your listing is in tip-top shape with comprehensive home maintenance before that ‘For Sale’ sign goes up. 

If you’re putting your home up for sale this spring, home maintenance should be your first order of business! At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experts recommend following a home maintenance checklist to ensure your property thrives as the flowers bloom. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top home maintenance tips for the spring season. 

5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Inspect the Roof

The winter can do some damage to your roof, particularly if you live somewhere with snow or ice-prone conditions. However, you should still check your roof regardless of whether your winters are milder. After all, a roof reaches its threshold at about the 25-year mark. So, whether it be from old age or winter damage, your roof will need a thorough inspection before your home hits the spring housing market.

Either on your own or with a professional, clean and inspect the roof to ensure its inadequate condition. You’ll want to evaluate the entire roof, replace shingles where needed, and power wash all surfaces. If you notice your roof needs repairs in some areas, contact a professional roofer immediately, as these lengthy repairs could delay your listing timeline by a couple of weeks.  

Get an HVAC Tune-Up 

Your home HVAC will need a refresh with every seasonal change, with the winter-to-spring transition being one of the most vital. With temperatures rising and seasonal allergies on the rise, you’ll want to ensure your home is breathable and safe for yourself and your future buyer. While you can do some tasks on your own, like changing your air filter or cleaning off your outdoor AC unit, you should leave the rest up to the professionals. They will ensure your system is current with industry standards and can withstand the incoming spring weather conditions. 

Touch-up Paint Jobs

Paint will naturally experience some wear and tear over time. Whether that be chipped paint on your front door or some scuffs on your bedroom wall, paint jobs aren’t meant to remain perfect forever. A top home maintenance tip for spring is to touch up paint jobs. If you’ve lived in your home awhile, you’ll want to retouch your interior and exterior paint jobs before putting it on the market. Luckily, this is a job that you can do on your own! This small yet significant home improvement will be an easy box to check on your home maintenance checklist and do wonders for your home’s aesthetic. 

Improve Landscaping

Spring is an opportune time to spruce up your landscaping. With an even mix of sun and rain showers, this is the perfect time for your vegetation to thrive and create near-perfect curb appeal. Take advantage of spring’s optimal weather conditions by planting flowers, mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, and power washing your driveway. These steps will optimize your curb appeal and impress buyers before they walk through the door. 

Do Some Spring Cleaning

We couldn’t create a seasonal maintenance checklist without including some spring cleaning. Whether decluttering closets or sweeping your garage, you’ll need everything nice and neat before your home hits the market. A top home maintenance tip for spring is to deep clean your home.Look at this step as an opportunity to get a head start on your next chapter. When you sell your house and move somewhere new, you won’t need unnecessary clutter coming with you to your next home! Get ahead now and set your listing up for success by doing a thorough spring cleaning. 

Sell a Home this Spring with Mark Spain Real Estate

If you need home maintenance advice for the spring, trust that we have the answer. With decades of industry experience, our professionals know what it takes to maximize a home’s potential during the peak selling seasons. Whether you want to put your house for sale or stay in it for the long haul, our experts can help your home look and feel its best!

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