5 Home Staging Tips for the Holiday Season

5 Home Staging Tips for the Holiday Season

5 Home Staging Tips for the Holiday Season

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Nothing compares to selling a home during the holidays! Not only does the holiday spirit put sellers and buyers in a joyful mood, but it also inspires some eye-catching, festive home staging opportunities. 

If you’re selling a home during the holiday season, take advantage of the celebratory spirit by decorating your home. Doing so will catch buyers’ attention and make them feel right at home when they walk through the door. The Mark Spain Real Estate team is about embracing the holiday spirit when selling a home. Below, our experts have compiled a list of our top five home staging tips for the holiday season. 

5 Home Staging Tips for the Holiday Season 

Don’t Go Overboard on Decor

For many homeowners, breaking out the holiday decor is the highlight of the season. However, you’ll want to be more mindful about your decorations if your home is on the market. Keeping buyers in mind, try not to go overboard with the seasonal decor. Instead, keep things simpler, choosing tasteful decorations that complement your room rather than overpowering it. For example, if your living room color palette has cool tones, you might opt for a complementary silver garland over a clashing gold or red one. It’s important to remember you want your decor to work with you, not against you. 

Be Strategic with the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the ultimate holiday accessory for a home. Whether a tall, extravagant tree in your double-story great room or a smaller, subtle tree by your fireplace, a Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere and gets buyers in the holiday spirit. If your home is on the market, you’ll want to consider your tree selection and placement.  One of the top home staging holiday tips is to be strategic with your Christmas tree placement.

For example, if your living room lacks floor space, you should get a thinner tree that won’t overpower the room. You should also be mindful of how you decorate your tree. While you might drape the tree with gaudy heirloom ornaments every year, opt for more classy, neutral tree accessories if you’re selling your home.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Everyone loves the cozy and warm feelings of the holiday season – especially home buyers. Whether it’s a crackling fireplace going, comfy holiday throws on the couch, or a cider-scented aroma filling the room, cozy and festive accents are a great way to give your home a sense of warmth. Creating a relaxed atmosphere throughout your home balances out the holiday decor and makes buyers feel more comfortable as they tour the space. 

Consider Festive Curb Appeal

Remember your curb appeal when staging your home for the holidays. However, like how you style your interior, you want to be conservative with the outdoor holiday decorations. Another top home staging tip for the holidays is to incorporate festive outdoor accents. Steer clear of flashy outdoor accessories like blow-up displays or tacky outdoor light fixtures. Instead, opt for more neutral and inviting elements like a tasteful wreath on your front door, poinsettias and evergreen planters on your porch, or subtle white lights on your greenery. These attractive accents will add to your curb appeal and catch buyers’ attention for the right reasons. 

Focus on Lighting 

Because fall and winter have fewer daylight hours, staged homes will require extra lighting to make the space come to life. For you, the seller, this means you’ll have to make do with less natural lighting and find ways to create an inviting, well-lit space for home showings. For the holidays, we recommend a light with warm, yellow hues to create that cozy, festive feeling. And if you want to incorporate holiday lights, stick to white lights over multi-colored bulbs for a classier, more subtle look. These lighting accessories will not only brighten up your space and make it feel bigger but also generate a warm, inviting mood during your home showings. 

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