5 Reasons to Buy a Home This Winter

5 Reasons to Buy a Home This Winter

5 Reasons to Buy a Home This Winter

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As the weather changes throughout the seasons, we can see an increase or decrease in the number of people that want to buy a home. With fewer homes for sale and poor weather conditions, winter is not a popular season among prospective homeowners. However, many house hunters don’t realize that buying a home in winter has its perks. With less competition and faster closings, winter has its fair share of upsides in real estate. Mark Spain has a team of highly trained professionals to help you overcome all of the obstacles that come with winter weather. Read below for our comprehensive list of reasons to buy a home this winter.

Five Reasons to Buy a Home This Winter

Eager Sellers

Although the inventory of homes on the market tends to be larger during warmer months, winter brings more motivated sellers. Homeowners who list their properties during the colder months are typically eager to sell their homes. Whether they’re going through a life change or have had their home on the market for months, winter sellers are commonly in a “must-sell” situation. As a buyer, this can work in your favor when negotiating prices, closing costs, or closing dates. Working with your Mark Spain Real Estate agent, you will work together to navigate the market and reach your goals with no stress!

Less Competition

Because spring and summer are real estate’s “peak” seasons, most prospective home buyers wait until the warmer months to start their search. For buyers who start surveying the winter market, this means less competition. Buying a Home When Inventory is LowWinter buyers can be more selective in their home purchases as they don’t have to worry about being outbid by other buyers. If you’re looking for ample breathing room in your home search to find a house and make an offer, consider browsing the market as temperatures drop. 

Faster Closings

Do you want a quick closing? A winter home purchase is your best option. Because winter is traditionally a slow time for home sales, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and appraisal conductors are more readily available to you. From scheduling home inspections to applying for your mortgage, you can expedite each step of the closing process when you buy a home in winter.

Cheaper Moving Costs

Like mortgage brokers and real estate agents, movers are also slammed in the summer. While you may be hesitant to schedule your move during potential inclement winter weather, you’re better off booking movers during the off-season. Booking movers in the winter gives you greater flexibility to reschedule if anything impedes your planned moving day. And granted that your movers aren’t booked solid, you’ll likely be able to negotiate a better deal too. 

Winter-Tested Houses

When you buy a house in the summer, you only see your home in optimal conditions. However, it’s best to see what your new home can withstand before signing on the dotted line. Buying a home in the winter allows you to see how your place stands against cold winter temperatures. Winter-tested homesFrom testing your home’s insulation to observing how the weather affects your curb appeal, winter buyers can see how their home fairs in poor conditions and avoid any unpleasant surprises for the next winter. 

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