5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Home automation is all the rage in the real estate world. Redefining convenience for homeowners, smart home features are a luxury that nearly every home buyer has on their wish lists. So, to sell your home and maximize profit, you’ll want to consider investing in smart home devices. 

We want to set your listing up for success at Mark Spain Real Estate. With decades of valuable industry experience, our listing agents have all the tools to maximize your listing’s exposure and attract quality offers. Our selling strategies will ensure your home is of the highest quality before it hits the market. Below, our experts share some of the top smart home features to add value to your home before listing. 

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the secret to finding total comfort in a home. These WiFi-enabled HVAC tools automatically adjust indoor heating and cooling based on a household’s daily schedule, local weather conditions, and more. They also allow you to adjust your home’s temperatures anytime, anywhere. These coveted devices are among the market’s most sought-after smart home features, offering peak comfort and convenience for home buyers. 

Smart Lighting 

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

Smart lighting is another home automation superstar. When you invest in smart lighting, you’ll never touch a light switch again! Smart lighting systems are motion-detecting and automatically switch on when you enter the room. Many smart lighting systems also offer various lighting options, allowing you to dim or brighten lights exactly to your liking.

Smart Home Security 

Home safety is non-negotiable for buyers. With smart home security, homeowners can integrate their systems with other smart devices to receive instant alerts, real-time surveillance, and remote locking capabilities to ensure optimal safety. These sought-after, protective devices offer a level of flexibility that can’t be achieved with traditional security systems, giving users complete control over their home security even when they’re away. 

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors add an additional layer of safety to a home. These smart home devices emit noise alerts when detecting high levels of smoke or carbon monoxide and send alerts to your phone. This way, you can be alerted about emergencies when you’re away. This luxury tool gives homeowners peace of mind during travels, work days, and other times spent outside the home. 

Smart Irrigation Systems 

5 Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

A smart irrigation system might be your answer if you want to up your curb appeal! These systems will keep your lawns in tip-top shape as they automatically adjust water schedules to accommodate weather, soil conditions, evaporation, and more. Like other smart home features, these irrigation tools can be accessed and controlled remotely, allowing users to tend to home landscaping without lifting a finger. 

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