5 Tips For An Ideal Home Showing

5 Tips For An Ideal Home Showing

5 Tips For An Ideal Home Showing

By Mark Spain Real Estate

This season’s low inventory has increased competition for buyers. Sellers can stay competitive by following these five home showing tips.

Make a Home as “Normal” As Possible When Showing

How quickly a home sells depends on how many buyers it appeals to. Not every buyer wants to convert their garage into a pool table.

Repurposing different parts of a home can keep it on the market longer, and reduce its selling price.

Sellers should make sure each room follows its original purpose: a bedroom should have a bed, a dining room should have tables and chairs, an office should have a desk.

Let the Light In

During the daytime, sellers should pull their drapes back and pull up their blinds. Natural light accentuates the best parts of a home.

At night sellers should use light bulbs that emit a warmer glow. Their light gives each room a more inviting

Make a home as normal as possible when showing


Clean, Clean, Clean

Light will expose dirt and scuff marks throughout the home; it should be immaculately cleaned. General spring cleaning rules apply: sweeping, dusting, polishing all the main areas.

Sellers should not neglect often overlooked areas: baseboards, areas behind toilets, interiors of cabinets. Buyers will inspect them with a discerning eye.

They’ll also pay particular attention to windows. Sellers should have them professionally cleaned. If this isn’t possible, sellers should spend considerable time washing all windows inside and out.

Take Yourself Out Of Your Home

Buyers are attempting to imagine themselves in a seller’s home. Strong colors, such as dark greens, deep reds, and bright oranges make that difficult. Eclectic decorating and treatments such as faux painting make it more so.

To appeal to as many buyers as possible, sellers should paint their walls with neutral colors. Beige, taupe, and earth tones work well.

Win The Beauty Content when Showing

A clean home won’t sell if its front yard resembles a jungle. especially when showing.

Fresh flowers during springtime have proven popular with buyers. Planting them just before listing will ensure they remain in full bloom during the home’s selling period.

For the remainder of the front yard, sellers should trim back all bushes, power wash walkways, and driveways, and ensure a home’s siding, gutters, and roof are in working order. Adding fresh pine straw will add additional curb appeal.

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