6 Best Real Estate Markets in Charlotte

6 Best Real Estate Markets in Charlotte

6 Best Real Estate Markets in Charlotte

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the most up-and-coming metros in the Southeast. With newcomers rapidly flocking to the Queen City, it’s no surprise Charlotte has expanded to accommodate its growing population. 

Charlotte hosts dozens of residential communities — both on the outskirts and in the city. Choosing a neighborhood can be stressful for those looking to settle down in Charlotte. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experts can help you explore each Charlotte market and determine which community best fits your needs. 

Uptown Real Estate

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Located in the city’s heart, Uptown offers a lively atmosphere perfect for Charlotte’s adventure-seekers. From historical museums and theaters to upscale restaurants and bars, there’s excitement on every corner when you settle down in Uptown. 

Given Uptown’s magnetic energy, it’s no surprise that prospective homeowners are seeking

 properties in Uptown. From stunning family residences to modern townhomes, Uptown’s real estate landscape offers a diverse pool of options. On average, homes in this market last 45 days before closing, with the median listing price being $355,000. 

Considering the area’s walkability, location, and various amenities, Uptown presents a fairly competitive real estate market of eager buyers and sellers. With help from the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can seamlessly begin your real estate journey in Uptown and land your dream home or offer, hassle-free!

Dilworth Real Estate

Neighboring Uptown Charlotte, Dilworth fosters a balanced mix of rural and urban living. Visitors will notice this stunning suburb’s Victorian architecture, craftsman bungalows, and spacious landscaping. However, these expansive suburban neighborhoods also offer distant views of city skyscrapers, as Dilworth is only 2 miles away from the city. 

Dilworth’s convenient location makes it a big competitor in local real estate. The typical home in this area lasts an average of 42 days on the market and has a median listing price of $378,000. Many Dilworth properties reflect the area’s unique history, as the National Register of Historic Places recognizes it as a historic district. 

Given its historic charm and proximity to the city, Dilworth has proved itself to be one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte. If you’re interested in trying your hand at Dilworth real estate, it’s essential to have an expert on your side. Our Charlotte team can serve you in your buying or selling journey and help you navigate the Dilworth market stress-free!

Myers Park Real Estate

Known as Charlotte’s first suburb, Myers Park holds high stakes in Queen City real estate. This affluent area boasts some of Charlotte’s best boutiques, restaurants, museums, and more. Not to mention, Myers Park is also home to the famous “Booty Loop,” a popular walking, running, and cycling route for Charlotte’s fitness fanatics.

Myers Park’s upscale amenities make it a desirable place for prospective local homeowners. On average, properties in this area last 58.5 days on the market. These homes have a median listing price of $682,000 and typically come in the form of modern townhouses. If you’re a fan of contemporary homes and chic amenities, Myers Park may be the place to start your next chapter. Connect with our Charlotte office today to learn more about this popular area. 


NoDa Real Estate

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A hub for the city’s creative arts scene, North Davidson, commonly known as NoDa, offers a colorful atmosphere to visitors and locals alike. From colorfully decorated businesses to abstract murals, NoDa fosters a vibrant atmosphere unlike any other in the Queen City. 

Given its distinctive quirkiness, NoDa offers an unconventional spin on urban living. This artistic community is perfect for those seeking a change in pace from their city lifestyles. Typically, NoDa residents have a median household income of $68,290, as most NoDa properties are moderately priced starter homes. On average, NoDa houses have a median listing price of $351,000, with listings lasting around 28 darks on the market. 

Midwood Real Estate

Just one mile east of Uptown, Plaza Midwood, or Midwood, is widely recognized as one of Charlotte’s most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods. This popular community boasts unique art galleries, casual breweries, edgy clothing stores, and more, making it the perfect place for residents seeking some creative inspiration. 

Midwood fosters a diverse real estate market of homes fit for households of any size. Whether you’re a young professional buying your first home or a growing family looking to upgrade from your last place, Midwood has something for everyone. Midwood homes last around 40 days on the market, with an average listing price of $610,000. If you’re interested in relocating to Midwood, now’s the time to take the first step! 


SouthPark Real Estate

SouthPark is the go-to place for Charlotte shopaholics. From designer stores to high-end dining, this affluent neighborhood is a wonderful place for those who appreciate the finer things in life. A popular spot for young professionals — SouthPark is a hit with those who enjoy upscale amenities, gated communities, and luxury homes. 

As one of the largest business districts in Charlotte, SouthPark’s cost of living is a bit higher than neighboring areas. The average median household income for SouthPark residents is $105,429, and the typical listing price for a home is $690,000. Though SouthPark prices are high, there’s no need to stress. By partnering up with a trusted realtor like Mark Spain Real Estate, you can establish a concrete budget and easily navigate SouthPark real estate. 


With decades of industry experience, Mark Spain Real Estate is ready to help you navigate the Charlotte market. Whether you’re looking to buy a Charlotte home or trying to sell your home fast, our experts are here to help you make the most of the Queen City. Connect with our team today to start your real estate journey in Charlotte.