7 Home Improvement Tips to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

7 Home Improvement Tips to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

7 Home Improvement Tips to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled 7 tips to get your porch spring ready! Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home. It is the first impression buyers get when they do a drive by, stop by for an open house, or even just search your home online. So, we’re here to get you ahead of the game and help you prepare for spring.

When the grass turns green and the flowers start to bloom, you’ll be ready! While it’s still a little chilly outside, let’s get moving with the top 7 ways to get your porch ready for spring.

flower basket

1. Brighten It up!

Add some vibrancy! Whether it’s bright whites, a pop of color, or an array of vivid hues, add some excitement to the front of your home. There are several easy ways to do this! You can grab some adorable outdoor pillows, hang gorgeous flower baskets with your favorite spring arrangements, or even just add some more greenery. Whatever your style, a bright first impression will give potential homebuyers a welcoming and open feeling when they enter your home.

front porch

2. Make ‘em Feel It!

We all dream about growing old with that one person – retiring and sitting out on the porch reminiscing about life’s best memories. Give potential buyers that feeling by adding a couple rocking chairs to that front porch! Not only will it add some great outdoor seating, but it will serve as a place they can imagine making memories. And if rocking chairs aren’t your thing, think about a porch swing. Those are always a fun addition for the kids, too!


3. Get Crafty

We’re all artsy now, right? Whether you are a DIY crafter, stay at home mom, or just someone that wants to add some art to your porch, anyone can easily make this look great. Grab your favorite frame and DIY it if you’d like or run to your closest craft store and grab one for cheap! There’s always awesome coupons online, so this is an easy addition! Fun ways to decorate your chalkboard include writing welcome greetings, decorating with a spring wreath and your initials, and more!


We are here to help you prepare your front porch for spring.

4. Add a Ceiling Fan

We all know it gets hot in Georgia. And with the “winter” we’ve had, it doesn’t seem like temperatures are going to cool off anytime soon. Consider adding a ceiling fan. This allows potential buyers to imagine evenings outside on their front porch enjoying time with family, despite the humidity.


We are here to help you prepare your front porch for spring.

5. Spruce Up That Front Door

The front door is the staple of your home. You can go in several great directions with this one! If you love natural colors and think your home is best complimented with cool tones, go with a wooden door! If you already have a great wooden front door, consider re-staining it – the rich color will add a dignified feel to your home. For those of you wanting to add a pop of color to your front door, consider colors that will compliment your home’s facade. A red front door is a classic – can’t go wrong with that one!


We are here to help you prepare your front porch for spring.

6. Add a Spring Wreath

A fantastic way to compliment a fresh front door, is with a gorgeous spring wreath. You can DIY with ideas from Pinterest, find awesome ones online on sites like Etsy, or visit craft stores like Michael’s to see the wreaths in person for yourself. To ensure the best harmony on your front porch, make sure the colors of your wreath pair well with your other colors!


We are here to help you prepare your front porch for spring.

7. Power Wash Everything!

Ultimately, the most important detail is that your home is gleaming clean! Home buyers want homes that are move-in-ready and will not require big investments of time and money into fixing them up. Not only will a great power wash spruce up your front porch, but it will also make the windows shine and allow more light to come in.

Take these home improvement tips into consideration and in no time your home will be open house ready!

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