7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home with Natural Light

7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home with Natural Light

7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home with Natural Light

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Natural light can make any home feel more open and inviting. Whether your space is limited and you want to make it feel bigger or you feel like you have too many dark rooms, we have the tips you need to brighten up your home with natural light. Here are 7 tips to use in your home to illuminate your space:

1. Utilize Natural Light and Colors

Introduce additional light paint colors and furniture choices to help bring in more light. The bright and neutral colors will reflect the light that comes in through your windows rather than absorb it. Pro tip: If you do want to decorate your space all white, try some slightly off-white or neutral shades for a warmer feeling. Traditional stark white colors can appear blue and feel cold.

Natural Light can increase the value of your home

2. Clean Your Windows

A little Windex can go a long way when adding light to your home. Clear windows allow more light in than windows that are covered in grime and appear translucent. If you want to go above and beyond, invest in a full home powerwash. Not only will the windows shine but your entire exterior will appear lighter and brighter as well.

3. Install New Windows or Doors

The easiest way to add more light into your home if you have the available budget is to install new, bigger windows. By creating additional opportunities for light to enter your home, it will automatically make your space feel more open. Foyers are spaces that often feel dark. To easily transform the entrance into your home and make a great first impression, consider investing in a new door with glass panels.

4. Trim the Trees

Outdoor greenery has a big impact on the amount of natural light possible to get into your home. If you have trees shading the majority of windows, your home will not have access to the amount of sun you would like to have. Decide if you want to try your hand at trimming back the plants on your own or call a couple of local lawn care providers who will be able to give you a quote. Keep the privacy you want while adding lots of natural light.

5. Add Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic accent tool that can be used to make a space feel larger. Reflections automatically add a feeling of space to a room. Whether you prefer ornate or minimalist design, find mirrors that compliment your design style. Pro tip: Place a floor length or long mirror adjacent to a window – this will then catch the light and spread it throughout the room.

6. Use Light Curtains or Blinds

Heavy curtains tend to make a room feel fuller and smaller. Don’t block the light you already have! Think about adding light curtains or blinds to help diffuse light throughout a room. If you are one that enjoys blackout curtains, invest in a double curtain rod. This way, you’ll be able to use the dark curtains when you want and keep the sheer curtains on display for the sunnier times of the day.

7. Move Furniture Away From Windows

Just as trees can block light entering from outside your home, furniture too close to a window can block light from inside. Think about rearranging your furniture to allow for optimal clear space in front of windows. This will make your home appear warmer and more airy.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to add more natural light to your home and it will feel brighter in no time!

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