A Checklist to Finding Your Perfect Realtor

A Checklist to Finding Your Perfect Realtor

A Checklist to Finding Your Perfect Realtor

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate has created a checklist to find your perfect realtor! What is the difference between a REALTOR® and a real estate agent? Is there even a difference? Is one better than the other? To become a REALTOR®, a real estate agent must be licensed and join a REALTOR® board, such as the Atlanta REALTORS® Association. REALTORS® are held to very high standards, but the most important factor in choosing an agent is finding someone right for you.

Finding the right real estate agent is key to finding the right home for you. Below is a checklist of 10 important items to consider when finding a real estate agent:

checklist for your perfect realtor

If you are able to check off all of these items on the checklist, you have found a fantastic realtor and will most likely have a great experience. On the flipside, it is also important to watch out for red flags that can hinder your selling or buying experience. Watch our for these 10 Red Flags:

Checklist- Red Flagschecklist for home buyers

  • A person offering to sell your home who is not licensed. Steer clear!
  • An agent that shoots too high with price. Overpricing your home is always a lose-lose situation.
  • An agent who only works part time. You want someone you will be able to communicate whenever you need to. A part-time agent will not be able to do that for you.
  • An agent who offers low commission. Listen, the offer is low for a reason. Don’t do it.
  • An agent who works with different types of property. Although this agent may be fabulous with their specialty, it does not mean they will know how to work with your needs.
  • An agent who works significantly above or below your price range. Similarly, if this agent is raving about homes sold for $400,000 to $700,000, they may not be the right REALTOR® to sell your $1.6 million home.
  • An agent who does not give you all the necessary information. Look for a straight shooter and an agent who is upfront.
  • The agent is not a good communicator. This can cause a lot of tension and stress. Look for agents who communicate well and answer your needs.
  • The agent is not well dressed. First impressions are key. Dressing well is more than wearing an outfit. Proper attire indicates if a person is serious and cares about their appearance or if they are careless. You want someone who will care equally about finding the perfect home for you as they do for themselves.

Invest the extra time to find the right realtor for you because it will pay off. Having an agent who ticks all the boxes in your checklist, is a mogul in the business and a good communicator will make the process of buying or selling your home go much more smoothly.

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