A Client Focused Guaranteed Offer

A Client Focused Guaranteed Offer

A Client Focused Guaranteed Offer

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer program was designed to help clients sell quickly and hassle-free. One of our core values is to remain client focused. Our agents are continuously trained on how to better serve clients. In August, our agent used this client focused training while serving his client through our Guaranteed Offer program.

Want to sell your home without the hassle of cleaning and home showings? Get a Guaranteed Offer on your home today and start packing!

Client Focused

When choosing the Guaranteed Offer Program, your home does not have to be ready for home showings. This program was developed for situations just like these. We ensure your experience with us will be stress-free and quick. Our client needed to get his home off his hands quickly, so the Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer Program was the perfect way for him to reach his goals. Not only did our agent exceed his client’s real estate goals, but he also made a client for life!
Our agents at Mark Spain Real Estate remain client focused

Choosing The Guaranteed Offer

Our client originally bought this home as an investment fixer upper. The home ended up needing more work done than he expected, so he decided to go with the Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer. He did not have the time to make costly repairs and renovations to turn around and sell. The Guaranteed Offer was a simple process from beginning to end. Once our agent did the initial assessment, our client was able to close in less than 30 days using the Guaranteed Offer.

When choosing this program, you are choosing a stress-free and fast sale. Our agents are continuously trained not only in the real estate industry, but also in how to make our client experience unparalleled.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering an unparalleled client experience. Let us help you sell your home. We would love to serve you!

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