A Guide To Selling Your Home At the Highest Price in Atlanta

A Guide To Selling Your Home At the Highest Price in Atlanta

A Guide To Selling Your Home At the Highest Price in Atlanta

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling your home in Atlanta is a lucrative opportunity, especially as the city only becomes a more desirable place to live. But how can you be sure you sell your home at the highest price possible? With so much competition around the homes, you don’t want to price your home too high and scare off potential buyers, but you also don’t want to price too low and miss out on additional income—possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

To avoid either of these scenarios, the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate put together a few proven strategies to help set the most optimal asking price for selling your home in Atlanta. 

Neighborhood and Market ResearchGuide to Selling in Atlanta

The first step in selling your Atlanta home for the highest price is to familiarize yourself with the housing market. Pay attention to housing trends such as the average days on the market, the average prices in your neighborhood or similar locations, and do some comparing and contrasting. 

In February of 2021, the homes in Atlanta were selling within 32 days on average, and typically much faster with an experienced real estate agent like those at Mark Spain Real Estate. If a listing has been on the market for significantly longer than the average, it is likely that the home is priced too high or that it has some unsatisfactory characteristics. You can do this research on your own, or you can work with local Atlanta real estate agents to analyze these types of trends. 

“How Much is My Home Worth?”

In competitive environments, such as the Atlanta real estate market, buyers are savvy. Based on the volume alone, Atlanta home buyers will often overlook a poorly priced listing completely. So when selling your home and landing on a listing price, ask yourself “how much is my home worth?” and be realistic.

How much would you pay for your home? Perhaps even ask your friends and neighbors these same questions. Make sure you take the neighborhood, potential repairs, and unique assets into consideration. If you want to sell your home fast in Atlanta, you will want to avoid repetitive price changes, so it’s important to enter the market at the ideal price point. Mark Spain Real Estate offers years of experience in the Atlanta housing market, and we can help provide strategic and accurate valuations on your home. 

Price Your Home Strategically and Competitively

When trying to sell a home, it’s critical to remember what you were like as a buyer. A buyer’s preferences are often just above what they can actually afford because they are hoping to find a deal or a diamond in the rough. For this reason, setting the exact right price for selling your home may have a substantial impact on who is in your buyer pool and who isn’t.

Consider the way real estate buying tools function; people often set their limits at a specific even number. Accordingly, you may want to opt for $249,000 instead of $250,400, for instance. This is just one simple example of the many proven tactics that Mark Spain Real Estate has learned through years of experience in the Atlanta markets. 

Work With Mark Spain Real Estate: Your Atlanta Experts

With over 25 years of expertise in the metro Atlanta area, Mark Spain Real Estate specializes in selling your home fast. Our local, licensed, and highly trained real estate professionals are rated #1 for customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on making the selling process as easy as possible. Additionally, if you’re looking to skip the hassle of selling a house, check out our Guaranteed Offer program for a cash offer on your home today. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a home in Atlanta, contact Mark Spain Real Estate today.

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