A Look at 2021 With Mark Spain Real Estate

A Look at 2021 With Mark Spain Real Estate

A Look at 2021 With Mark Spain Real Estate

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After a unique 2020, Mark Spain Real Estate is looking forward to progressing in the new year and exemplifying our core values. We have asked a few of our December 2020 top agents to share what they are looking forward to in 2021 as Mark Spain Real Estate agents. 

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What are you looking forward to as a Mark Spain Real Estate agent in 2021? We are looking forward to 2021 and are excited to share why.

“2020 was my best year in real estate. Through hard work and leaning on my teammates, I was able to assist 48 families in finding their homes. My personal motto was ‘Say yes to the work, do the work, and don’t delay the work’. This is the motto I plan on carrying into 2021. Because of the incredible team I work with, I have great momentum going into 2021.”  – Donnie Icenhour
“This year, I am looking for health, success, and happiness. I am striving to keep a balanced lifestyle. I am also looking forward to serving as many families as I can!” – Rhonda Kosor
“In 2021, my expectation for myself is to be a better version of myself and a better real estate agent. I want to expand my real estate knowledge and experience through meetings and trainings. The skills I learn can be transferred into better service to all my clients. The quote ‘Be great today’ is to remind myself to improve everyday. I plan to improve myself by reading, learning, and experiencing. Lastly, It doesn’t matter how I learn, because who I am today is better than the self of yesterday” – Eric Liang

From our Vice President of Sales

We have big goals for 2021 as the agents on our elite sales team will have the opportunity to serve 7,800 families across the Southeast!  I’m also looking forward to celebrating our team members who exceed what they believe to be possible this year just like we did last year!  Rhonda set the bar high on the listing side with 76 closings, as did Donnie on the buyer side with 48 closings!  I’m more committed than ever to support the team with the tools they need to break those incredible records while having a lot of fun at the same time!” – Cindy Krampetz, Vice President of Sales

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you make smart and informed real estate decisions. Our team knows the real estate market well, and your client experience and safety is our top priority. Contact us today to get a head start. 

We are proud to be the most trusted name in the industry. We serve all of Metro Atlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina, and Nashville in Tennessee. 

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