Advantages to Buying or Selling a Home in Winter

Advantages to Buying or Selling a Home in Winter

Advantages to Buying or Selling a Home in Winter

By Mark Spain Real Estate

While buying or selling a home in the winter might seem like an unpopular choice for most, in reality many home purchases are made during this chilly season. Why wait until Spring? Mark Spain Real Estate will break down the advantages to buying or selling a home during the winter season so that you can make the most informed and educated decisions for your needs!

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Winter Advantages for a Seller

Less Competition

There is a predictable pattern of less home sellers in the winter. This is due to various reasons such as the cold weather, holiday season, and kids still in school. With a limited number of sellers in the market however, this proves to be a huge advantage if you are looking to sell your home. Since home buyers won’t have an abundance of options to choose from, this gives your home extra exposure and will increase the chances of your home selling quickly.

Home Buyers Have More Time Off

During the winter season, many home buyers take time off for the holidays. Home buyers having more time off around the holidays is an advantage that many might not consider. This extra time off allows buyers to have ample time to search and discover their perfect dream home. They will schedule more appointments with real estate agents and have time to attend more showings.

The Online Home Search Doesn’t Stop for Any Season

According to Properties Online Inc., 95% of home searches start online. No matter what season it is or how cold it is outside, almost all home buyers start their search for their dream home online. In fact, Mark Spain Real Estate will see nearly a million users a year visit our website to search for homes. The online search of homes doesn’t stop during the winter, so home sellers should take advantage of this time to spruce up their online listing to attract home buyers!

Winter Advantages for a Buyer

Winter Deals

Supply and demand tend to be lower during the winter months. Even though this can be disconcerting, it may allow you to save money on the purchase of a home! Median home selling prices tend to be lower in the winter than in the spring. If you start looking for homes now as selling prices are lower during this season, you may be able to put in a competitive offer that will save you some cash now rather than waiting till spring.

Less Competition

Similar to less competition for home sellers, there is less competition with other home buyers when trying to purchase a home. This is great news for someone who chooses to buy a home in the winter! Winter home buyers won’t have to worry too much about losing their dream home to other buyers, or getting caught in a multiple offer scenario.

Understanding Your Future Home’s Durability

Going to home showings in the winter is great as it allows you to see how the home holds up in hard conditions, such as harsh wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Knowing that a home holds up well with no problems makes you feel satisfied that there won’t be any other problems down the road in other seasons!

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