Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we understand that trends come and go, so we want to keep you informed on the top trends to ensure that your home remains top of mind when selling!  We have compiled a few of the best ways to renovate your bathroom – a room that needs just as much attention as your living room or kitchen! Continue reading to learn how to turn your average bathroom into a relaxing escape! 

One of Mark Spain Real Estate’s core values is to continue growing and learning so that we can best serve our amazing clients in reaching their real estate goals, no matter how big or small they may be. 

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Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

Freestanding Tubs

Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

Freestanding bathtubs elevate a bathroom to the next level.  They are known to evoke a classy, chic vibe whether the bathroom as a whole is designed with a modern or a vintage intention. There are quite a few different types of freestanding tubs, and they can be customized in many ways, including their shape and the design of the feet that hold them up.

While most people pick a freestanding tub because of its sleek look and similarity to those in spas, this shaped bathtub fits better in most bathrooms and is usually easier to keep clean. It is also painless to install and most likely won’t need a decorator or contractor to install – just a plumber!

For those of you who enjoy frequent baths, we recommend installing a freestanding tub for both functional and aesthetic appeal!

Smart Devices

Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest Trends

Smart devices have made their way into almost every room of the house. Millennials don’t know a life without them! Adding high-tech features to your bathrooms can enhance the experience for both your family and your guests! Additionally, adding these features can stand out to a buyer when you are getting ready to sell! 

There are many ways to go about making your bathroom “smart.” Chromotherapy showers use LED lights that cycle through color shades that balance your energy. Shower speakers are water-resistant and allow you to listen to music, audio books, or podcasts to get your day started on the right note or peacefully end it. Touch-free toilet flushes eliminate the need to touch a handle or a button. Lastly, smart mirrors can tell you the day’s weather, news, and traffic updates while you brush your teeth!

It’s hard not to love gadgets that make your life a little easier, especially in a room such as a bathroom that is used quite often. While the list is long, we suggest looking into ways to make your bathrooms smart!

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Renovating Your Bathroom According To The Latest TrendsSimilar to the illusion that freestanding bathtubs evoke, floating bathroom vanities are a trend that is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Floating vanities get their name from their appearance of “floating” because they are mounted to a wall and do not rest on the floor at any point.

There are many different designs of floating bathroom vanities to choose from, and what they all have in common is that they are space savers. Even if this project is carried out in a savvy, budget-friendly manner, these vanities tend to look and feel expensive.

Advantages of a floating vanity include saving floor space, efficient storage, single or double-sink options, and a variety of ways to customize. They also allow for better cleaning, you are not having to weave in and out of legs to gather dust and dirt! However, note that these vanities can be more challenging and costly to install than other vanity styles. 

Tile Selection

The tiles you chose to line your showers and/or floors have the power to make or break your bathroom’s intended aura. Just like the other suggested renovations, there are so many ways to personalize your bathroom tiles through selection of design, shape, color and texture.

Patterned tiles have become a popular addition to bathrooms as they have become a way for homeowners to show off their creative sides in a room not as large as a bedroom or main floor room. Also, tiles with a matte finish rather than a glossy finish give off a softer look and don’t show smudges or water marks as much as glossy tiles do.

Other trends we love include large-sized tiles, hexagon-shaped tiles, and subway tiles. Don’t let all of the options overwhelm you out of one of the best ways to revamp your bathrooms!

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