Behind Your Client Experience: Jordan Duncan

Behind Your Client Experience: Jordan Duncan

Behind Your Client Experience: Jordan Duncan

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Jordan Duncan previously served as our director of first impressions and is now serving as a client concierge out of our Alpharetta office. She started with us a little over a year ago and has a pretty unique story to share. Jordan is such an important part of the client experience and helps us remain client focused.

We are honored to have back her on the team and spotlight her for making your client experience memorable! Interested in working with great people like Jordan? We are hiring! Contact us to join our team

Tell us about you. Where are you from, where do you live now, Jordan Duncan? 

I am from the Gwinnett county Buford area. In 2018, I graduated from UNG Dahlonega campus. I loved the area so much that I now live in Dawsonville and commute to our Alpharetta office.

Jordan Duncan is a client concierge out of our Alpharetta office.

Tell us your story: What exactly do you do? How long have you been with us, etc. 

I used to be director of first impressions and just this week have become a client concierge. We handle the listing and closing side of things and make sure that the clients needs are being met, basically I am the middleman between the agent and the client. Due to Coronavirus, I was let go because there was no need for a receptionist if there was no one in the office.

I was here for almost a year. About one month before this happened, my manager asked me if I wanted to convert to a concierge position. During coronavirus I was actually working at a mulch company in the office as a clerk, a few weeks later I was offered the promotion back as client concierge and I took it! 

How did you become a part of Mark Spain Real Estate? 

This is where my story gets unique, during January of 2019, I interviewed to be a flight attendant, which moved me to Texas. I was there for about a month and it did not work out.

So, I moved back to Georgia with no plans and was nannying, my friend Nick was an intern at MSRE at the time and he suggested me for a receptionist role. I interviewed with Dan and got the job a few days later at the Alpharetta office. 

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

I never really saw myself in real estate and the way it all happened was really a God thing. I really fell in love with the community at MSRE everyone is like family and it opened up the door to real estate. My future plans are to become an agent in the next couple of years. 

What is your favorite part about the people you work with? 

They are always so willing to help out. I knew nothing about real estate and now because other people I work with are so helpful. 

What are your passions for life outside of work? 

I have two nephews that I love to spend time with. I am very goal oriented as I am working towards getting my real estate license and building up my real estate license and hanging out with friends 

What makes our client experience different? 

At MSRE we are very focused on the client and their needs. We want it to be more than just selling your home. We do a great job of focusing on one client regardless of having hundreds of clients and meeting their needs. 

What is your favorite part about working first hand with our clients? 

The fact that we have a huge variety of cultures in our clients. I love getting to know so many different types of people. I am such a people person and love getting to know everybody. 

From the team

We are so excited to welcome Jordan back! She was a valued member of the team as our Director of First Impressions taking care of our office needs & I have no doubt her positive attitude and attention to detail will serve her well as a Client Concierge. – Lindsey Haste, Administration Manager

Since joining MSRE Jordan has consistently provided a high level of service to our customers and team members. We are excited to have her back and bringing that same energy and passion for helping others in the Client Concierge role. – Dan Rhode, Director of Operations

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