Construction is the Solution to the Housing Shortage

Construction is the Solution to the Housing Shortage

Construction is the Solution to the Housing Shortage

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The current market is quite competitive for buyers across the country. With homes being valued so high and interest rates at an all-time low, the 2021 housing market is being faced with a high amount of buyers and a low quantity of homes in inventory. For buyers, it can seem that finding your dream home this year is out of reach. However, those looking to buy should not be discouraged! The solution to this problem lies in building, and it has never made more sense for people to sell their old homes and begin constructing their dream homes!

Through connecting homeowners with our Exclusive Listing Agents and the top builders in the southeast, Mark Spain Real estate is equipped with all the tools necessary for you to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Reasons To Build

CustomizationBuild Your Dream Home

Given the low housing inventory we are currently experiencing, it can be hard for buyers to find the home that they truly feel is theirs. More people than ever are buying homes due to the increased amount of time that is being spent at home! Buyers are not searching for a space that meets half of their needs, but a space that is liveable and 100% functional for their particular needs. By building from the ground up, buyers have the opportunity to add details to their home that they would have never had the opportunity to through buying.

However, Mark Spain Real Estate has a huge inventory of sellers, allowing buyers the possibility of gaining access to homes that are not officially listed on the Market! For those looking for a home, but cannot afford the additional costs that come with construction, we are grateful to serve you in reaching your goals. We can help buyers get ahead in finding their dream home.

Reduce Competition

Today’s housing market competition is fierce. Individuals from all over are wanting to purchase a home, and many are no longer restricted to a commute. This means that more rural areas are becoming highly sought after, making a once mild and tame market now growing like wildflowers!  It can be hard to stand out as a buyer, as individuals become overshadowed by competitive offers and quick closings. By taking matters into your own hands and building your home, you have the power to eliminate any sort of competition.

Cost-EfficientBuild Your Dream Home

Although building a home costs on average $50,000 more than buying a home, the money homeowners put in upfront will definitely pay off in the long run. Building your dream home means that there will not be any need for remodeling or updating appliances. Every new element you add to your home (ranging from appliances to roofs) will save you from having to pay for costly repairs out of pocket. The annual savings from having a high-functioning, newly constructed home are sure to make the investment well worth its cost.

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you in reaching your real estate goals! If you are interested in buying, building, or selling your home, contact us today!

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