Buying a Home in the Fall

Buying a Home in the Fall

Buying a Home in the Fall

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As temperatures cool down, so does the residential real estate market! Over the past few years, fall has risen to be a very attractive time to buy. Additionally, buying a home with a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible! We have gathered the top reasons why you should buy your dream home this fall, continue reading to learn more. 

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Buying a Home This Fall Buying a home in the fall with a real estate agent

As we all know, spring is the top season to sell a home. During this time, competition to buy a home is high creating higher prices and less room for negotiations on the buyer’s end. But, as the year rolls into fall, fewer buyers are on the market. This indicates that competition is decreasing among buyers and sellers have little room to negotiate. 

Sellers are more likely to entertain offers. If a person is selling in the fall, they are most likely selling for one of two reasons. They either NEED to sell or they didn’t successfully sell earlier in the year. For whatever reason, the majority of sellers in the fall want to sell before the end of the year. This is great for buyers because they have the negotiating power and will potentially move in faster. 

Additionally, personalizing and filling a new home with furniture and decorations can get expensive. With holidays coming up, so are sales. Labor day sales are huge, especially for grills and outdoor furniture and equipment. Another big sale arising during this time is Black Friday. In the past few years, Black Friday has lengthened to last over a few days. Keeping an eye out for early deal busters will save you loads of money when trying to buy things for your home! 

Lastly, buying a home in the fall will allow you to meet more people around your community in a fun and casual environment. Fall is the start of the holiday season. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. The holiday cheer entices friends and family to throw parties and gatherings to celebrate these special times. Attending these parties opens up a world of opportunities to feel more connected to your new community! 

Buying with Mark Spain Real Estate Tips in buying a home in the fall

Finding the right home can be tricky and stressful. When buying a home with Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our highly trained and dedicated agents work tirelessly to meet the goals of their clients. Our team values learning and growing consistency, we aim to be the most knowledgable in the industry. One of our core values is to lead with a servant’s heart. Our clients’ goals are our top priority. We value the relationship over the transaction, which is why we have been named the most trusted name in the residential real estate industry. 

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to deliver an unparalleled client experience. We would be grateful to serve you in finding the home of your dreams this fall! For more information on how Mark Spain Real Estate can serve you in the selling or buying of your home, please contact us

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