Buying A Home When The Inventory Is Low

Buying A Home When The Inventory Is Low

Buying A Home When The Inventory Is Low

By Mark Spain Real Estate

We cannot think of a better feeling than when you are handed the keys to your dream home. Our team at Mark Spain Real Estate would be honored to serve you in buying a home that exceeds your expectations, especially in this chaotic market with low inventory! We want your buying experience to be nothing short of an exciting, stress-free experience for you and your family.

It is so important to work with a team that is knowledgeable of the industry and able to effectively navigate the ever changing real estate markets that we serve. Our agents are equipped with all the tools necessary to streamline your home-buying process.

Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve you in selling your home so you can begin the house hunt!  When the inventory is low, it can be a daunting task to find the home that checks off all of your desires. That is why it is important to work with the #1 team in the residential real estate industry to guide you through the process!

We have compiled the best tips to buying a home when the inventory is low. Continue reading to learn more about navigating through the seller’s market. 

Tips For Buying A Home When The Inventory Is Low

Put Your Best Offer Forward and Offer a Higher Price Within Reason

When inventory is low, prices rise because demand is high. You will be competing against multiple other offers, so it is in your best interest to put your best offer forward. Offering a higher price may seem like an overwhelming idea, but if you have found a home or two that check your boxes, a reasonable increase to the offering price could be what seals the deal! 

On the topic of price, it is best to enter the house hunt when you are financially stable and with a clear understanding of your budget and how rigid it is. Low inventory and high competition could lead to quick moves, so understanding your financial parameters can help expedite  the decision making process so you have a higher chance of securing the home you want!

Expand Geographical Preferences

Buying a Home When Inventory is Low

If location isn’t everything for you and you are not tied to a specific neighborhood or area, take a leap of faith and explore the surrounding areas. You never know what you may find if you expand your search to areas within reason of your desired location. Looking at neighborhoods you originally did not plan to can also help solidify your list of needs and wants of your dream home.

Keep in mind the ideal commute to the places you frequent, such as your workplace, grocery stores, outdoor spaces, and favorite eateries. Thinking ahead and planning your commute times will save you loads of headaches in the future!

Working with Mark Spain Real Estate, you will have access to our app which allows you to plug in commute times so you can see how long it will take you to get to and from each place!

Be Patient, But Be Proactive

When there are fewer houses on the market, you might become wary and ready to lower your standards in order to settle and move on. However, we urge you to resist the temptation to throw in the towel, as our agents will continue to work for you and with you! You are our top priority, so we work relentlessly to give our clients an unparalleled client experience. There will always be new listings, and our agents will ensure to keep your goals at the forefront of everything they do. 

Remain patient until your circumstances can no longer allow you to wait, keep your options open, and continue to reassess your wants and needs!

Work With An Experienced Agent

Buying a Home When Inventory is LowOur real estate agents are more than qualified to navigate this kind of market situation. They can provide insight into listings and help you find something before other buyers also see it.

Everything around us is always growing, changing, and improving – we understand this and do our best to stay on top of the world’s changing market conditions. Our agents have the tools they need to succeed, and a team backing them up to exceed all your expectations in the buying process!

We were founded on the basis of placing the relationship over the transaction. Our top priority is the clients, and we place their needs above our own. Our agents receive unparalleled marketing to increase the exposure of listings, open houses, and anything else the client may need. 

Looking to sell your home or buy in sought-after top markets? Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you. Contact us today!  We serve all of MetroAtlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina, Nashville in Tennessee, and Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando in Florida!

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