Checklist for Listing Your Home

Checklist for Listing Your Home

Checklist for Listing Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Listing your home can be an overwhelming experience. From choosing the right real estate agent to preparing your home for showings, you may feel like there are millions of things to do before putting your house on the market. 

By teaming up with the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can ensure everything gets done before your home hits the market. With decades of valuable industry experience, our expert listing agents will help check every box on your listing to-do list. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for listing your home. 

Checklist for Listing Your Home

Hire an experienced realtor

When beginning your home-listing process, your first step should be to hire an experienced real estate agent. Having an industry professional on your side will relieve the stress of listing your home. Whether it’s setting a listing price, making home repairs, or staging your home, a licensed realtor will guide you every step of the way. Experienced Realtor

Selecting the right realtor can be a complex process. The ideal real estate agent will have experience selling your type of property, be familiar with your local market, and be openly communicative to make you feel at ease. At Mark Spain Real Estate we go above and beyond to ensure our agents are equipped with the knowledge and tools to serve you at the highest degree. Through extensive training and mentorship, you can trust us to meet your real estate needs and sell your home under your time frame. 

Price your home

The next step in the listing process is to set your asking price. And though it may seem simple at first glance, a lot of thought should go into establishing a listing price. When pricing your home, you and your real estate agent should consider recently sold neighborhood comparables, supply and demand of real estate in your area, your home’s fair market value, and of course – your specific selling needs as an owner. 

To set an accurate price, you must thoroughly evaluate your home’s value. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experts conduct comparative market analysis to assess your home’s worth and garner maximum exposure for your listing. Our team provides a real-time snapshot of market conditions and neighborhood comparables to value your listing accurately. 

Make necessary repairs or upgrades

While some home buyers are equipped to handle minor repairs, they rarely are prepared to take on significant home improvements. Before listing your home, you must evaluate your house’s condition and note any needed repairs or upgrades. As a seller, consider getting a pre-sale home inspection to ensure your home is in tip-top shape for its next tenants. During the inspection, you’ll want to evaluate areas vital to your home’s structural foundation, like walls and ceilings, flooring, windows, lighting and electrical, and water and plumbing. 

If your home only calls for minor repairs, chances are you can take care of these all on your own or with the help of friends or family members. Whether it’s tightening loose door knobs or patching up holes in the wall, there are many ways to take care of DIY home renovations so that your listing appeals to more buyers. If you are unsure about any essential home improvements to get your home ready, you can trust that your exclusive Mark Spain Real Estate agent will put your needs first and help evaluate all of your options!

Clean and Declutter

As you progress in the listing process, you’ll want to add deep cleaning to your checklist. Before you showcase your home to potential buyers, it’s essential to clean, declutter, and depersonalize your home. Go through your belongings and remove any unnecessary items that can take up space. And remember not to shove clutter in closets, basements, or attics, as prospective buyers will be looking in these areas to evaluate your home’s storage.Clean and declutter your home 

Along with tidying up your home, it’s also essential to depersonalize your space. While you might love your wall of family portraits, too many personal items could turn off buyers. During this time, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and find ways to help them visualize their lives in your home. If your home is more of a blank slate, buyers can picture themselves moving into your home more easily. 

Touch up your curb appeal

Like your interior, your home’s exterior is also crucial in the listing process. Your curb appeal can be a massive advantage in your home sale, as an attractive exterior will likely leave buyers wanting to see more of your home. So, before putting your house on the market, make any necessary upgrades or changes to the outside of your home. Whether it’s repainting your front door, planting new flowers, or repaving the front walkway, the littlest details make the biggest difference in improving your curb appeal. 

Get your home show ready

Next on the checklist is home staging. Home staging involves optimizing your home’s interior design and making it appeal to your pool of buyers. You can approach staging your home in many different ways as a seller. At Mark Spain Real Estate we want to make this process as stress-free as possible. So you can feel confident that your listing agent will make any necessary furniture swaps or decorating revamps.  Experimenting with different pieces in different areas can revitalize your home and make rooms seem bigger. And along with furniture rearrangements, you can also redesign your color palettes to better accommodate buyers’ preferences. A general rule of thumb is to keep things simple and neutral to have widespread appeal. 

Review listing and begin showings

Once your home is show-ready, it’s time to finalize your listing and host showings. While giving your online listing a final look, pay attention to the accuracy of details, listing photography, and the overall appearance of your home. Then when everything is good to go, you’ll begin the showing process. While showing your home to buyers, it’s vital to maintain your home’s cleanliness and overall presentation. Make arrangements for your children and pets when buyers come to tour, and ensure your home is show-ready 24/7! 

Listing Your Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

Are you ready to start listing your home? The experts at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to streamline your home sale! With exclusive insights into some of the most popular markets in the southeast, including Atlanta, Dallas, Raleigh, Orlando, and more, our team of trusted agents will set your listing up for success! Check out our Guaranteed Offer Program to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in just 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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