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What to Consider When Choosing a Brokerage

What to Consider When Choosing a Brokerage

What to Consider When Choosing a Brokerage

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled the top tips you should know when choosing a brokerage. With more than 100,000 real estate brokerage firms in the U.S. to choose from, it is important to know how to narrow down to the right one to ensure your career goals are met. Continue reading to see why Mark Spain Real Estate’s agents chose a career at our full-service brokerage.

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Top Tips to Consider When Choosing a Brokerage

Ongoing Training

Choosing a brokerage is an important decision. Mark Spain Real Estate strives to provide our team with the necessary tools to thrive and reach their full potential each and every day. We provide a multitude of opportunities like free training, mentorship, and support to benefit performance throughout their careers. 

Our agents undergo four weeks of in-depth onboarding with our in-house training department, followed by shadowing experienced agents and directors, role-playing, and appointment preparation. Also, our Director of Sales offers virtual office hours and Zoom training meetings weekly. The training that prepares our agents to be the best they can be is unmatched.

Choosing a Brokerage

Provide Agents With Marketing and Advertising

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to provide agents with exceptional marketing and advertising so you can focus on doing what you do best – serving your clients! Agents can expect to receive assistance from the Inside Sales Department, transaction coordination support, and installation services for lockboxes and yard signs. Also, Mark Spain Real Estate agents are set up with guaranteed booked appointments and a competitive commission with no cap.

Promote a Supportive and Fun Culture

Our agents strive for a culture of excellence; we work hard and want all team members to reach their goals, both big and small. Our office is highly collaborative, motivating, and supportive because our agents lead with intentions. These intentions include helping others succeed, giving advice, and offering instruction as needed.

The culture we foster comes from carrying out our core values of constantly growing and improving, leading with a servant’s heart, remaining client-focused, and doing everything with excellence. We take pride in being one of the most trusted real estate teams in the industry!

Reputation in the Market

We do not take it for granted that we have the reputation of being a leader in the industry – it is an honor and one we would not hold without the commitment of our team to serve people before selling homes. What sets us apart from the rest is choosing relationships first as we engage with customers.

We often hear our satisfied customers say that having a team that cares for them and guides them through the process of selling or buying a home is what makes all the difference when choosing a brokerage. Not to mention, our people – agents, client concierges, sales associates, field service members, and support teams – matter too.

About Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate values relationships over transactions. That’s why serving our clients in reaching their goals is our #1 priority. We are grateful to have served over 33,000 satisfied clients in selling and buying their homes.

We continue to expand and are looking forward to serving even more clients in the future. We currently have 11 offices serving Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, Orlando, and Tampa! To learn more about us and why we have remained the most trusted name in real estate, click here.

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