Choosing the Guaranteed Offer

Choosing the Guaranteed Offer

Choosing the Guaranteed Offer

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate implemented its Guaranteed Offer program in 2017 and has experienced great success with it. The program allows homeowners to sell their home hassle-free and close in as little as 21 days. Since implementation, it is hard to miss seeing something about the program. Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled insights from an internal and overall market perspective to help you understand why choosing the Guaranteed Offer can be the best option for you.

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About the Guaranteed Offer

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Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer allows homeowners to skip the stress associated with traditionally listing a home for sale. The program offers the ability to bypass the market with no showings and no open houses. Homeowners are able to receive a cash offer and close in as little as 21 days. Our clients are able to move on with the next chapter in life without worrying about when their home will sell. Additionally, Mark Spain Real Estate’s offers are the most competitive in the industry.

Growth of the program

Because Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer provides clients similar benefits to selling directly to an iBuyer, we monitor how the market is developing around the country. The number of homes sold through such programs has increased by over 300 percent since 2015.

The largest of that growth was found in the South and Southwest. The average home price in these areas is below the national median home price. This allows investors to make strategic investments. Homes under $500,000 also spend less time on the market than higher priced homes, making the investment period shorter.

In Atlanta, Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer experienced sustainable growth in 2019 with 628 percent more families selling their homes versus 2018. Additionally, markets such as Charlotte and Raleigh saw 462 and 461 percent growth in the program respectively.

The overall growth of the program, company wide across all markets, includes 484 percent more closings year-over-year.

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Why Choose the Guaranteed Offer?

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer program provides sellers the protection and expertise of a licensed real estate agent. Additionally it allows homeowners to close quickly on their time. It is one of several options Mark Spain Real Estate provides to make our client’s experience seamless. We have had several sellers who needed to relocate quickly for a new job or who just didn’t want the hassle of putting their home on the market. Certain life circumstances make the Guaranteed Offer a simple and attractive solution to selling a home!

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