Designing The Perfect Home Office

Designing The Perfect Home Office

Designing The Perfect Home Office

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Work from-home culture is rising, challenges will arise while children are out of school for the summer. Mark Spain Real Estate has curated the perfect home office so you have one less thing to worry about! Gone are the days of moving from room to room to find a quiet space to focus on your work. Continue reading to learn more on how to curate the perfect home office. 

Additionally, Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve our clients in the selling or buying process. We strive to provide an unparalleled client experience while reaching our clients’ real estate goals. 

Curating The Perfect Home Office

A Quiet Spacedesigning the perfect home office

When choosing where your home office will be located in your home, think of where there is reduced traffic. You will want minimal noise around you so you can focus on what is at hand. Additionally, if you are on and off of meetings and calls, you will not want to be a distraction to the participants. Will you want to have a door to your office or will you want an open space so you do not feel closed off? If you get easily distracted, you may want to think about either adding a door to the room or transforming an extra bedroom into a home office. 

Natural Light

Working long hours can take a toll on your mind and body. Ample natural light is important as studies have shown that it increases Vitamin D, increases focus and has a positive impact on your mood. You can increase the natural lighting in your home office by opening the blinds, opening drapes, and adding mirrors to reflect off the light. You will also use less electricity when increasing the natural lighting in your home office because you will not have to keep the lights on! 

Furniture Matters

The perfect home office is curated with a spacious desk and a comfortable chair. When you provide yourself with enough space to work off of, you will not have to keep moving around to tailor all of the equipment you will need. Additionally, having a comfortable chair will pay off in the long run, your back will hurt less and you can sit longer! The better your work environment is, the better your work will turn out! 

Coloring and DesignThe perfect home office

When you walk into your home, you want it to be warm and inviting, not dark and cold. To increase the brightness of the room, we suggest painting the walls light colors like light grey or cream. Naturally, the color of a room has a major impact on your mood. Light colors have the power to create a calm and cheerful vibe. Additionally, brighter colors can make a room feel larger. 

When choosing the layout of the furniture in the home office, it is important to keep in mind where the plugs are. You will want to ensure that your desk is near a plug for your computer, chargers, and lamps. 


Keeping small utilities at hand will help you in the long run while completing your work day. Be sure to include lamps in the room in case you catch a dreary day or work late one evening. As mentioned before, a dark room will have a major impact on your workday! 

Small accessories like a coffee plate warmer will make a drastic impact on the quality of your day. You will be able to start your day off strong with warm coffee or tea without having to worry about constantly going to warm your beverage up in the microwave. 

You might also want to include wax warmers or candles in your home office as well. A subtle candle or scent of your favorite wax melt will increase the ambiance of your home office! Another thing to consider might be small plants or flowers. If you begin to struggle, you have a nice reminder of the beautiful things that are surrounding you. Flowers and plants are proven to reduce stress! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to provide the top tips and tricks to curate your perfect home office! Creating a space that you enjoy and can thrive in is important. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you can bring some of things tips to life! 

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