Developing Your 20/20/20 Morning Routine

Developing Your 20/20/20 Morning Routine

Developing Your 20/20/20 Morning Routine

By Mark Spain Real Estate

One of the core values at Mark Spain Real Estate is to constantly grow and improve. We have been studying the proven teachings of Robin Sharma specifically, his 20/20/20 morning formula. He is an accredited private coach to many successful entrepreneurs, an author, and the founder of The Titan Summit. Keep reading to learn more about the formula behind the most productive way to start your morning and how to develop your 20/20/20 morning routine.

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Getting Started

Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to make time for ourselves. A great way to start making time for yourself is by creating a morning routine and sticking to it. Start by waking up before the rest of your household and get your day going on a positive note. You can meditate in the mornings, exercise, walk, or even read a few pages from a personal development book. It takes the average person 66 days to create a habit. Start your morning routine tomorrow so your future self can thank you for developing this wonderful habit. We have provided some of Mark Spain Real Estate's book recommendations to add to your morning reading list.

Starting your morning on a positive note is one of the most important steps in achieving success and reaching your goals. By having a strong morning routine and making it a personal priority, you are setting yourself up for a productive day. We are excited to share our key takeaways from Robin Sharma’s 20/20/20 Morning Formula.

The 20/20/20 Morning Formula: 

This unique morning formula is one of Robin Sharma’s methods for superhuman productivity. It requires you to wake up an hour earlier and divide this hour into 20 minute increments. In today’s age, we have no problem watching a show or being on our phones for an hour. Challenge yourself to spending one less hour with technology, and wake up one hour earlier in order to set yourself up for a positive and productive day.

First 20 minutes – Sweat. Spend the first 20 minutes doing an intense exercise. Not sure where to start? You can find any type of workout on Youtube or Instagram to follow. Additionally, you could go for a 20 minute jog outside or on the treadmill. 

Second 20 minutes  – Review your annual plan and reflect on your goals for the quarter. Get out your notebook or calendar and start writing down your goals and the extra steps you need to take in order to achieve them. 

Third 20 minutes –  Learn. Whether you are listening to podcasts, listening to webinars, or reading, spend this 20 minutes learning and challenging your brain. Check out Mark Spain Real Estate’s 2021 book recommendations below! 

Mark Spain Real Estate Book Recommendations: 

Turning Pro – Steven Pressfield

Atomic Habits – James Clear

The Power of Full Engagement – Tony Schwartz

The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Jean Greaves and Travis Bradbury

What it Takes – Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence – Stephen Schwartzman

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable – Tim S. Grover

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