Our Client Experience: Downsizing Your Home

Our Client Experience: Downsizing Your Home

Our Client Experience: Downsizing Your Home

By Shea Seibert

Mark Spain Real Estate serves families with their various selling needs. Whether you are downsizing your home or finding a larger one to fit your growing family. We have proudly served nearly 50,000 satisfied clients and earned close to 10,000 5-star reviews as of 2022.

Therefore, we are more than ready to make your selling experience a quick and stress-free one. When choosing Mark Spain Real Estate for the job, you can rest assured that your needs will become our top priority as we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

We know that each of our clients has different goals. Our agents are highly trained and local to your area to guide you through an efficient selling process that reaches any real estate goals you may have. If you are looking to downsize your home, check out the various selling programs that we offer

Our Guaranteed Offer Program is a great choice for selling your home. t allows you to bypass the market and avoid open houses while providing you with an opportunity to receive the most competitive all-cash offer in the industry. Our Exclusive Listing Consultants are more than ready to serve you! To view more information on how you can sell your home with our Guaranteed Offer program, click here! .

Downsizing Your HomeA couple learning about how you can begin downsizing your home

Mary’s Guaranteed Offer

Our most recent client, Mary, was looking to downsize her home in Nashville. She recently became an empty nester since all of her kids have moved out. Mary already had her future in sight since she was moving to new apartment buildings right down the street from her.

Being eager to get started on her new adventure, Mary was looking for a fast and easy sell for her current home. Downsizing your home can be scary, but when Mark Spain Real Estate is on your side, you can rest assured you are in the best hands possible to get you to the next chapter of your life! 

After watching a Mark Spain Real Estate commercial on TV, Mary felt confident she had found her match! She was excited to learn about how fast our Guaranteed Offer program could sell a home. After picking up the phone and speaking with one of our team members, we got Mary paired up with her exclusive listing agents to start going over the process.

After going through all of the selling options we offer, Mary decided to pursue the Guaranteed Offer Program as it best fits her real estate goals. Our agent talked about her selling options to ensure she was choosing the best fit for her goals. Downsizing your home can be stressful enough, selling it should not have to be.  

We are honored to help Mary reach her real estate goals as efficiently as possible and get her on to her next chapter! Mary closed on her home in as little as 21 days with an all-cash offer and it was off to her easy apartment living! Downsizing your home has never been easier. 

Mary’s Feedback

When asked about their experience when working with a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent and the Guaranteed Offer, Mary said:

“I contacted Mark Spain Real Estate in hopes that I could sell my townhouse under the Guaranteed Offer program. From my first contact to the last, Mark Spain Real Estate delivered a seamless, efficient, and pleasant experience. My agent led me through the process with an efficient and stress-free approach,” said Mary.

” She answered every question and responded quickly to texts and emails. She was also very knowledgeable about my real estate market, thanks to Mark Spain Real Estate for the easiest home sale I’ve ever experienced. Downsizing your home has never been easier.”

Our Guaranteed Offer ProgramMark Spain selling a home to serve the family in their downsizing goals

We understand the importance of delivering a smooth selling process at Mark Spain Real Estate. The benefits are endless when you choose our Guaranteed Offer Program and accept an all-cash offer. Our clients can rest assured they are getting the most competitive price for their homes in the industry! Whether you are downsizing your home or are in need of a fast move, the Guaranteed Offer from Mark Spain Real Estate has you covered. 

An all-cash offer with Mark Spain Real Estate will reduce the stress that comes with selling your home and eliminate open houses and showings so you can close on your house in as little as 21 days! Trust us to guide you through the process as we pair you with a highly trained and localized exclusive listing agent. 

Mark Spain Real Estate wants you to focus on your future and leave the work up to us! We are dedicated to placing your needs above all else and delivering an exceptional experience from the beginning to the closing table.

To learn more about our Guaranteed Offer Program and to sell how you can begin downsizing your home like Mary, click here! Downsizing your home can also be stressful when you are deciding what things in your home you do not need. Check out this list of decluttering tips to help you sort through your home! 

Mark Spain Real Estate has other selling programs including our traditional Market Listing program and our Accelerated Offer program. We are grateful to provide options for our clients to serve them in selling their homes hassle-free and effectively meet their goals. Whether you are downsizing your home or finding a larger one, we’ve got you covered! We can sell your home stress-free and serve you in finding a new one. To learn more about our selling options at Mark Spain Real Estate, please visit this blog

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