Elevate Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

Elevate Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

Elevate Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Many of us have found ourselves spending more and more time outside lately, especially with the summer weather rolling in! One continuing trend that we have loved over the past year is improving your home by cultivating an outdoor space that fits your personality and lifestyle. Read more to learn about how to elevate your outdoor space on a budget to encourage friends, family, or potential buyers to want to stick around.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Space on a Budget

Elevate Your Outdoor Space TodayCreate a Garden

One easy way to elevate your outdoor space on a budget is by planting or improving a garden. A garden can bring color and life into your landscape, all while giving you a new hobby! One suggestion to stay on budget when planting a garden is to buy end-of-season plants when they are on sale. Though the plants may require a little extra care at first, they will be a fantastic, inexpensive addition to your outdoor space! If you already have a garden and are looking for a way to spruce it up a bit this summer, one budget-friendly way to update your garden is by adding a garden path to welcome visitors. A garden path, depending on cost level, can be customized in many ways with stones, mulch, salvaged brick, or pallets. The opportunities are endless! 

Add Light and Warmth

Another functional and inexpensive way to elevate your outdoor space is by implementing light and warmth! This can be done by planting solar-powered lights or tiki torches in the ground and along walkways, adding candles or lanterns to any outdoor tables, and stringing up string lights. All this light will make your outdoor space feel warmer and more inviting, all while allowing you to extend your gatherings further into the night as natural light fades away! Another way to consider adding light and warmth is by putting in a fire pit! A fire pit isn’t only a way to stay warm while outside on cool nights but is also a light source and a great gathering point for friends to catch up, family to relax, and kids to make s’mores. All of these can be done in different ways at nearly any budget level. 

Extend Usable Space + Define Your Spaces

One way to take full advantage of your yard or outdoor areas is to extend your usable space. This can take a bit more creativity than some of our other suggestions, but can result in a far improved outdoor space if done well! Two of the simplest ways to extend your usable space are to add pavers or gravel to extend your current patio or usable yard space, or to switch up your landscaping to have your plants take up less space and create more room for lounge and play. When landscaping, think vertically; plant and prune in ways that keep the life and color of your plants while leaving ground space for everything else you’d like to include in your new and improved backyard. 

MSRE Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Defining your spaces is important because it can make your outdoor space feel more spacious, organized, and functional. Utilize furniture, umbrellas, hedges, and different ground types to separate spaces of your backyard into different functions, just like the rooms in your home are separated by floors, walls, and ceilings. For example, you could put bushes or a hedge between where your kids will be playing soccer and your friends will be catching up over cocktails; the scenery could protect everyone from a rogue ball! Elevate your outdoor space by getting creative and dreaming of your yard possibilities!

Include a Fun Factor

Lastly, include a fun element in your backyard. If you want people to desire to hang in your outdoor space, you’ve got to keep it fun every once in a while. Keep in mind, however, that no one will be in your own outdoor space more than yourself and your family. So, pick at least one thing you all love! This could be high priced like a pool or outdoor kitchen, but could also be as affordable as a set of cornhole boards, a comfortable lounge chair, or a giant yard Jenga. Anything you enjoy outdoors is sure to elevate your outdoor space! The opportunities are endless in your outdoor space, it’s all about picking the things that make you happy and feel at home! 

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